I haven’t died, not even a little bit. Ok maybe a little bit. Let’s say the couch is really comfortable right now.
I’ve also been kind of busy with a new toy. Newish, anyway. It’s this Pfaff thing. Peaches asked me to figure out how to do the embroidery on it, then figure out how to make it interface with my computer so I can use someone else’s embroidery software. The idea is that I’ll learn how to do then embroidery, then she’ll turn it all into dresses to sell in a shop she knows of in Charleston (how…Chic! or something) and then we’ll both make some money,which is always nice.

This is not a direction I ever considered. I don’t DO embroidery, and I certainly don’t do dresses for little girls. I love to sew, but it’s more like architecture than embellishment. I make adults things, structured and tailored and as far from French Hand Sewn Heirloom Children’s Couture that she makes as an analogy something something…Ok, my clothing is to furniture as hers is to jewelry…does that make sense? I don’t know…but it’s a different direction, that’s for sure.

I have, however, figured out how to to the embroidery programs that came with the machine and Woah, that’s FUN. Now I’m wanting to BUY EVERY COLOR OF THREAD and MAKE THINGS. Butterflies and flowers and monograms. And MY OWN STUFF. Surely, if Kathy at Custom Keepsakes can do it, I can. totally different stuff,of course. My style leans in a completely other direction…but I can see doing tone-on-tone borders and making really interesting edges on the linings of coats, that sort of thing. I want to make a skirt for Loaner Girl with embroidered somethings at the bottom that scatter their way toward the waistband. Stars? Butterflies? I don’t know…but first I must BUY ALL THE THREADS!!

Before any of that happens, the thing needs to come in. It’s the 9pin/USB adapter that will allow my computer to interface with the sewing machine so they can talk to each other. This is where Peaches ground to a halt, and why she thinks I’m some kind of computer genius, even though I am NOT, but I have a couple of them in the household who are kind of enthralled with the sewing machine because it has a touchscreen and makes tootling noises. At least it doesn’t talk. That would be annoying. Unless it had Sam Elliot’s or Mike Rowe’s voice. Then it would totally be FINE.


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  1. Isn’t it amazing the things sewing machines can do these days. It makes me happy! Enjoy, xo jj

  2. JerseyChick says:

    Am I the only person who thinks it’s funny that his name is “micro”?

    Loaner Girl still wears her skirt every time it comes out of the wash, and will adore anything you sew, because she adores you, but she really, really likes cats…especially leopards….Thank you, btw, for thinking of her!

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