Summer Seven

Summer Seven: An Off-The-Top-Of-My-Head List of Summer Happenings…

1.June- I don’t remember anything from June!
2. July-fancypants vacation to Kentucky planned, then cancelled! oh wait, that happened the end of June…
3. Consolation trip to Atlanta involved amazing food and the discovery of a fabulous fabric store
4.Investigation and trial runs of a couple of fancypants sewing machines, with no decision being made
5.Aquisition of a puppy, tragic death of that puppy, then near immediate aquisition of his half brother (who hasn’t yet died)
6.Discovery of Panera Bread’s dozen-and-a-half bagel deal, and that they’ll give you another one for free.……uh….(thinking)Oh I know! I made a lovely dress of ivory eyelet, and have gotten lots of compliments on it!


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2 Responses to Summer Seven

  1. JerseyChick says:

    This is why I keep a calendar. Otherwise, I’d be hopeless.
    Could be worse, I suppose: words like “Hurricane” and “Flooding” and “tornado” aren’t on our list this summer…

  2. We’re supposed to come up with SEVEN? OMG, me in trouble! LOL

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