Morning Break

Now that Summer is Officially Over, there are no more excuses for slackery. As long as it’s between Memorial Day and Labor Day, it is easy to put things off. “Oh, it will just get messy again tomorrow” and “someone will only spill something there, no point in cleaning.”

But now? Labor Day has a different meaning for this housewife. It’s a kickoff, a reinvigoration, a banishment of slackitude and laziness. The weekly schedule is reinstituted, and that includes time on the computer.

I spend way too much time,being sucked in by stuff like StumbleUpon and that whole “hey, this looks interesting” and ‘oo what’s that all about?” The internet has made it far, far too easy to waste time research ideas.

I did the same thing when I was a kid, in the library. Projects and reports were inevitably late, tho VERY well researched,because I’d get started on a pile of books in the library, but in the process of looking for those books, would find something else (OO! Shiny!) that was even more captivating than Jungian psychology or the life cycle of the blue fruit fly, and off on a tangent I’d go.

I still do that, and the internet makes it SO EASY.

But now that Labor Day is here, so is my annual attempt at Self Discipline. It goes like this: get up at 6, check email while Terry’s in the shower, then NO COMPUTER UNTIL MORNING COFFEE BREAK (usually around 9:30). When the coffee cup is empty, get back to work, and NO COMPUTER UNTIL AFTERNOON COFFEE BREAK (usually around 2). When cup is empty, etc etc. and NO COMPUTER AFTER TERRY GETS HOME. Amazing how much can get done around the house when you’re not looking up stuff that has no relevence to you life AT ALL but still manages to be very interesting (jellyfish. I love jellyfish. They’re fascinating. how can something that looks like that even be ALIVE).

So I keep notes. A little spiral bound notebook follows me around the house and when something crosses my mind (sea slugs! Have you ever looked at them? They look like flamenco dancers! Gorgeous!) it will go into the book, and during my breaks, as long as nothing more important comes up (grilled chicken sandwiches with aioli! Need to marinate! Ciabatta rolls!) I will look it up and become More Informed.

Ok, last sip of coffe, time to wind this down. Next up: Work in the studio! Terry made me a most excellent set of shelves,nice and tall, and completely empty at the moment. That won’t last long!

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One Response to Morning Break

  1. JerseyChick says:

    I’d ask for a pic of the shelves, but that would require you to spend time on the computer… 😉

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