a harbinger of things to come?

Auburn University Fight Song played on a whistle pop

love me some Auburn Football. However, today’s game, the first one of the season, was against Utah State School of Law and Cosmetology and until the last minute of the game, THEY were winning!

What the HECK?

Auburn’s supposed to be the National Champions and if they keep doing that the media joes will be all like they always are and it irritates me SO MUCH!
“it was just a fluke” and “sure they won the national championship game but the Oregon Ducks were clearly the better team” and stuff like that. how annoying.

So I’ll make some excuses.

Practically the entire starting lineup graduated. Only 6 people who started last year are on this year’s team. The team is young and inexperienced. Ok so Auburn might have a less than stellar year, but it’s not because last year was a fluke. Last year happened because the team was experienced and mature. Next year? Next year. The team will be experienced and mature.

I predict this year will be underwhelming. Next year, however, will be something to sing about.

This is Aubie, the Auburn University Mascot, BEST IN THE WORLD


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