I love it when that happens!!

Ok, last post was all about a fancy sewing project.

Yesterday, I was just sitting down with a pad of paper, to start drawing, figuring out a pattern for The Project. I was pondering hard, breaking a sweat over details, and Terry called.

“I have to make a run to Atlanta, want to ride with me?”

“Sure! Do you think we’d have time to go to Gail K?”

“Maybe, time will be tight, but we’ll see.”

So naturally, the chance to spend a few hours with my All Time Favorite Person combined with the possibility of going to my New Best Retail Friend was all it took.

So, we made the trip, and Terry got his Necessary Thing done in the nick of time (a 3pm deadline and he walked through the door at 2:58, and delivered The Package into the hands of the person who needed it) and he was so flamin’ RELIEVED to be DONE WITH THAT, that he was cheerfully willing to drive all the way across Atlanta in Friday Afternoon Traffic, just so I could go Gail K.

And THEN…he, Paul Bunyan in Short Sleeves and every bit of a Manly Man, helped me choose the perfect lace for The Project. There he was, all 6’3″ of his hairy self, eyeballing and feeling laces, commenting on ‘this one’s too sparkly’ and ‘this one’s polyester, wouldn’t look right on that fine silk’ all the time getting eyeballed by several fey young men in skinny jeans and me, in sensible shoes and khaki pants, being equally hairy-eyeballed by Edgy Young Women with tattoos and uncomfortable (tho stylish) shoes. See, Gail K is a magnet for budding designers, as they carry an unreal selection of nearly everything textile. And yes…we found THE PERFECT lace, a rich chocolate brown, with enough heft to it that it will serve almost like a corset on The Project.

And I found a funky button for another project…for Gail K also has the most amazing selection of every sort of oddball button you could hope for.

For the past 25 years, The Dekalb Farmer’s Market has been our Must Go place in Atlanta. Now Gail K is as well.

AND I got to spend a solid 12 hours in the car with my favorite person, AND he was able to find all the bits he needed for a project at work, by clearing every Pet’Smart between Northside Atlanta and Macon of their large aquarium pumps, gang valves, and airstones.

And coconut rum. But that’s a story for another day 🙂


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One Response to I love it when that happens!!

  1. Have the T-shirt says:

    Sometimes the best times are times that aren’t even planned. Sounds like a great day!

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