Soon and very soon!

The first day of school is next Monday!

#4's school

And I can’t express loudly enough how excited I am about it!
I require structure. As much as I enjoy the general slackitude (that’s a word, right?) of Summer Vacation, that sensibility (or lack of) results in Nothing Much Getting Done.
Oh sure,having #4 gone the entire Summer looks great on paper, like “oh boy, the entire day from 6am to 6pm with little else to do but make sure Terry has a cold mint julep when he walks in!” you’d think that would result in Productivity and Good Things Getting Done,right?

No. I’m a sort of person who needs regimentation, long lists to check items off of, and a set pattern EVERY DAY. Consequently, Summers wind up looking like a Jimmy Buffett marathon on a Tybee Island, with lots os “dude, where’s my margarita?” and “oh…the sun’s going down, maybe I should eat” and “maybe if I turn my underwear wrongside out I can wear it for another day.”

Discipline and regimentation…what’s that? And the herb garden looks like…well. I just tell myself nutgrass is a lovely shade of kelly green and contrasts nicely with the blue-green of the rosemary. Plus it’s too hot to weed. Srsly.

So, yes, when school starts and I am forced to be dressed and functional by 7:30am, Things Will Get Done. My weekly list of Monday:this and Tuesday:that will kick back in to gear. The floors will be regularly cleaned (I think I’ve mopped exactly twice since June), beds made, and the house will begin to run smoothly again.

this is a good thing. I enjoy Summers Off, slackitude and all, but I also really, really like the whole…Regimental Life.

Monday: #4 to school by 8. Laundry, floors, bathrooms. #4 home at 3, homework supervised, supper prepared (every day)
Tuesday: School by 8, bedrooms, living room, dining room, dusting, home at 4:30 (Robotics Club)
Wednesday:School, make menus, gameroom cleaned, weeding, Prayer group until 3, #4 home from school
Thursday: School, buy groceries, My Day Off: netflix, a Subway sandwich, easy fix supper
Friday: School, sewing! Home from school at 3
Saturday: Yardwork until it’s too hot, then sewing! Cooking for tomorrow
Sunday: Church from 9:30 until 1, then sewing…NO COOKING!

Lather Rinse Repeat! I love it!


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3 Responses to Soon and very soon!

  1. JerseyChick says:

    Your schedule looks great!
    I could never get sewing done on a Saturday- too many squabbles to untangle, snacks to supervise, abrupt questions on unrelated topics. How in the world do you stay focussed?

    • rootietoot says:

      Well, Terry and the 2 older boys are usually at work and #4 will sit with me and we’ll talk while I sew, or he’ll have a new video game to conquer, since during the week I won’t let him play them. If Terry’s not at work, he and #4 are in the cave doing Man Things.

  2. Kate says:

    OMG that is so true. I’m glad I’m not the only one that uses school holidays as slackitude time. And yes it is a word and an excellent one.
    It’s so nice to know i’m not the only one.
    But your so organised. I need to do this. Lately I’ve been settling for brushing my hair and cooking dinner and occasionally putting clothes in the wash. If I don’t give myself a kick in the butt before summer starts here then it’ll be bedlam by christmas.

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