*snap* ~crackle~ POP!

and not cereal, either.
It’s Joints these days. Not the kind people (who aren’t like me) smoke, but the ones that song “the leg bone connecta to the knee bone” refers to.
Mornings are noisy around here. Getting out of bed sounds like the Grambling State University Drum Line

Well, ok maybe I exaggerate. Maybe it sounds more like one of the snare drummers with an occasional side order of a bass drum when a hip pops.
But the point is, my joints are NOISY. They don’t particularly hurt, they just make a lot of racket. Is this part of getting older? Will they eventually hurt?
They get stuck, and I have to stretch or twist to unstick them and first thing in the morning when I’ve been laying there all night, it’s all of them, twisting adn turning and going POW and CRUNCH and SNAP.
The other day, #4 was sitting next to me on the couch, and leaned his head over on my shoulder (the one with the torn rotator cuff that refuses to heal because I refuse to have surgery on it) and said “mom, your shoulder sounds like a bowl of rice krispies.”

Yes. The Rolling Stones are in my shoulder.

But it’s ok. I can see, I can walk (which is a vast improvement over 4 years ago) and it doesn’t really hurt. It’s just noisy and alarming to people who aren’t living with my joints, because it SOUNDS painful.


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