He’s Back!

Yes! #4 Is In The House!
I know, it’s Tuesday and he came back Sunday, but I have been so overwhelmed by the sheer joy of a cracking-voiced-now-taller-than-me 12 year old that I’ve been too busy revelling in his company that posting about it didn’t occur to me until just now, 30 minutes after HE CARRIED ALL THE HEAVY STUFF IN FROM THE TRUNK OF THE CAR! *happy sigh*

Did I mention that he’s now taller than me? by an inch or so! And his voice is usually deep except when it’s not, and there’s fuzz on his chest!

Did I mention that he’s now taller than me?

He’s very proud of his new height. As well he should be. If you go by that thing of measuring them when they’re 3 and doubling it to determine their adult height (and it worked on the 3 older boys, very accurately), he should finish out at about 6’6″, taller still than all his older brothers. He’s excited about that possibility, particularly with CJ, who’s a towering 5’6″ at 20 yrs old. #4 plans on at least 1 good face-plant on CJ, just for kicks.

He’s put on weight too, but in his shoulders and chest. The pants he was wearing are actually looser in the waist, tho significantly shorter in the legs. Shirts, however…those are quite too small. He’s going to have to move from the Kids section to the Young Men’s.

I’d temporarily forgotten (that’s too strong of a word…let’s say I hadn’t really thought about it) about his sunny nature, and realized how much I missed it. I can ask him to do a task, even if he’s in the middle of something, and he’ll chirp “Ok!” and do it right away, no sighs, no, drama, no acting like it’s a huge burden. I tell him how I appreciate it (just this very second he walked up and said “I’m going downstairs, is there anything you need me to do” and when I said no, he replied with “ok, you know where to find me.”) and he answers with “mom. you cook clean and do my laundry. It’s really only fair that I do whatever you ask me to.” *happy sigh*

I know, believe me, I know that this may not last. I’ve been through 3 others and I am totally NOT taking this for granted. I know that he may wake up in a couple of years surly and dark and convinced that I am on this Earth to make him miserable. I’ve been through it before, 3 times. I also know, however, that even if he does wake up one morning like that, he will also wake up one morning a few years later and return to his natural cheerful and sunny self. I’ve seen it before, and it gives me hope and confidence that (unless he dies in a car crash or something) it won’t be permanent.

And you know what? Here he is, 5’5″ tall with a deep (tho unstable) voice and fuzz on his chest, sorting through the matchbox cars at the store, looking for The Perfect One, while telling me about the Lego kit he wants for Christmas, that has a grill with hotdogs as an accessory.

He had a great time with his grandparents, but I realize now just how much I missed him!

Did I mention he is now taller than me?

Left to right-Will 23, CJ 20, David 21, #4 12

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5 Responses to He’s Back!

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Holy cow, I can’t believe Will is 23. He looks so intense. So good looking. I can’t believe all three of your older boys are in their twenties. Great looking guys. I know you’re enjoying #4 while you can. What a sweetie.

  2. rootietoot says:

    Thanks! Will *is* intense. He has to be, to balance the goofiness of the other 3.

  3. What a great-looking bunch of guys you have!

  4. jerseechik says:

    I hated when #1 moved from Kids to Juniors, because she actually moved from Kids to Petite Womens. At age 12. Unless I wanted to take up Size-ESP as a hobby, I couldn’t find anything that fit ANYWHERE in the store. I hope and pray that doesn’t happen with your #4.

    Now I’m going to go drink some tea and pretend you never gave me a mental picture of my #3 with chest hair. The cracking voice and rebellious days I can handle, but “My Baby” will never, ever have chest hair. I will be in denial to my last breath.

    • rootietoot says:

      When I was 12, I moved from girls size 12 to misses size 10, overnight. no junior in there anywhere. Some of us just do that, and with #1’s height and figure, it’s no surprise that she’s just skipping juniors entirely.
      Mr Wonderful isn’t hairy chested, and what I recall of your father he wasn’t partiuclarly hairy either, so perhaps your #3 won’t be either. You know Terry, he’s 1 click east of Sasquatch, and #4 has always shown great potential for being hirsute, so I wasn’t really surprised. Terry started shaving regularly in 7th grade, too.

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