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Get a move on!

There are so many things I used to hear as a child, when I was moving slower that my parents thought I should. “Get a move on!” and “up and at’ em!” and “shake a leg!”…stuff like that. I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Busier than a…

I’m trying hard not to get TOO excited,but it’s not easy. After the last several years, and particularly the last year, Terry REALLY needs a break from work. *I* think he needs a solid month, on a whole different continent, … Continue reading

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Sew what!

Yeah yeah, it’s All Sewing All The Time around here. The good news is that I might just have sold a piece- I had a big ol’ chunk of heavy twill sateen in a lovely royal blue…I am not sure … Continue reading

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Sew, sew fun

Research has located many fine fabrics I want for making vintage style nightgowns and robes. Also located are many excellent and detailed photographs of actual vintage garments, from which I’ll be able to make patterns and knock-offs. Naturally, because according … Continue reading

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Well, I never!

Most of the time (let’s call it 95%) I am perfectly content with being a small-town housewife with a Not Very Exciting life. A while back I compared myself to the eye of the hurricane, with everyone else in my … Continue reading

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Sewing Mojo

When I have a creative flow going, my mind works on the project du jour ALL THE TIME. I dream about it, and wake up with solutions to problems, or AH HAH ideas for improving things. A few days ago, … Continue reading

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Now I feel better!

It’s smoky around here. They’re calling it “The Sweat Farm Again Fire” because the same area burned a few years ago. It has the entire region under smoke. We are not in any danger, it’s a good bit south and … Continue reading

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