Weekend breakdown

We should have 25th anniversaries more often. Perhaps each time a child turns 25, or the 25th anniversary of buying our first/second/third house/first lawnmower/4th metal mixing bowl/2nd washing machine…

Ok here’s a list/breakdown.

Lunch at The Dekalb farmer’s market excellent cafe, where we both ate vegetables because we knew dinner would be at Carnivore Heaven.
I had orange glazed beets and ginger tofu and garlic long beans and curried chick peas. I don’t remember what Terry had except that he had some long beans and chick peas too.

Then we checked in to the Uber Hip and perfectly located W Midtown Hotel, where we fit in about like paper bags at a Coach purse store, but it’s perfectly located so we don’t care. THANKS, TODD! It’s good to know People.

Dinner was at Morton’s in Buckhead, where a friend (THANKS, KEN!!)set us up (he’s a friend of the manager there) and we had an amazing dinner with a very competent waitress named Claudia, tasty drinks (my martini had hand stuffed blue-cheese olives), and we shared a double porterhouse, butter sauteed brussels sprouts with shallots and bacon, and grilled asparagus, and dessert was raspberry air. (Well, a souffle actually, but it was like eating raspberry air which is perfect after that steak) They gave us a special table, had our names printed on the menus, and took a photo that the staff all signed. Apparently they host celebrations from time to time, and know just what to do. It was splendid!

Breakfast was muffins from the farmer’s market.
The morning was spent locating and perusing fabric stores and holy macaroons I found this place called Gail K, that buys designer shorts and odd bits of EV ER EE THANG. I’m SO taking Loaner Girl there one day, because they have an entire 20 foot high wall of rolls and rolls and MORE ROLLS of any sort of spangly glittery fringy fabric there is. A wall of fine men’s suiting,worsted wool that’s normally $50-$75 a yard, for $15 to $20 per yard, …bridal fabrics, the highest quality eyelets and every single non-typical button that exists. HEAVEN. I’m going back without Terry so I don’t feel like I’m boring him…and a wallet full of money too…I tell you what, I plotzed when we walked in. Absolutely PLOTZED.
Lunch was cheese and crackers from the farmer’s market.
Time was spent at The Atlanta Botanical Gardens. That’s an inspiring place, and I feel ready to kickback into gear with my own small landscaping adventures. Photos forthcoming.
Supper was delcious Thai at The Tamarind Seed, just a half a stone’s throw from the hotel. Terry had amazing spicy catfish and I had lemongrass grilled chicken in a massaman curry sauce. Massaman is the mildest of Thai curries, and the only one I can eat without next-day digestive repercussions.

Breakfast was bagels and cream cheese from Einstein’s, just up the road. Terry walked up there at 6am, and in the lobby of the hotel, witnessed the early morning round up of last night’s escorts and call girls. “where’s Olivia? Oh.. she’s in room (whatever) with Mr (whomever)…ok I’ll go get her. She knows she’s got to be out of here by 6:30…”
More time at the Botanical Gardens, this time with the camera, and pretty pictures taken. (forthcoming)
Lunch was at The Vortex in Little Five Points, which deserves it’s reputation for amazing burgers. It’s also now a place where painfully normal people (like us) go to hopefully catch a glimpse of those Alternative Types, but on a Saturday lunch time the place is packed with painfully normal people going goggle eyed at the waitresses, who surely must be paid by the piercing and/or tattoos. I had a Holy Guacamole and he had a Black and Blue (blackened burger with blue cheese spread).

Then we spent a couple of hours wandering Little 5 Points, ambling through the used clothing (called “Vintage”) stores, where I purchased a gorgeous peach silk georgette scarf, heavily beaded with silver beads and clear sequins. I have no idea what I”ll wear it with, but for $8 it was too pretty to pass up.

Dinner was light. We walked a few blocks to Veni Vidi Vici where we had a table full of appetizers. Proscuitto, very thin, with roasted figs and goat cheese, grilled octopus with cold marinated potatoes, beet salad, and a tray of artisan sausages with asiago cheese and honey…and breads. A glass of peach prosecco and when they found out we were celebrating 25 years, came out with a plate of house-made tiramisu! Yummmm.

Sunday morning we got up and packed, checked out and went back to The Dekalb Farmer’s Market, where I bought the goodies necessary for future cooking fun: fresh dill and lots of it, and fresh lemongrass,lots of that as well. Terry picked out supper for tonight while we were there: cheeses, deli meats, a bag of ciabatta rolls, and I got the requisite “what on earth is this?” food that I’ve never had before…Havla! It’s a sweet Middle Eastern candyish substance made of sesame paste (tahini), honey, almonds,maybe some other stuff…tasty! It’s kind of a slab, and you crumble off bits of it to eat. I cannot figure out if I’m supposed to just eat it, or put it on a cracker or what. It was in the cheese section of the store, so when I got it I thought it was some kind of cheese like stuff…but it’s not. It is, however, delicious and I shall physically abuse any person in the household who touches it without my permission.

Then drove to Terry’s brother’s house in Madison, where we picked up Eli (he is about 6 inches taller than he was 2 months ago, when we gave him away) and came on home.

Now we’re home but I am NOT ready for everything to return to normal. Neither is Terry.

I had an attack of the nerves Saturday night, I am not sure why but for a couple of hours all I wanted was TO BE HOME. Xanax, however, helped with that. While we were walking around, and loving the proximity of all sorts of fantastic things (like Gail K’s, Piedmont Park with the BotanicalGarden,every sort of fabulous eatery), Terry commented about how people get beach houses and mountain or lake houses, and said he thinks we’d like an apartment in the city more than that. I think it’s a fabulous idea. We have friends with beach/lake/mountain houses, and how coolwould it be to have a city apartment that we could let them use in exchange for their places, how nice would it be to have a place the kids could come for a long weekend or a week or two away in a nice part of the city, with theaters and restaurants and a big ol’ park and shopping of any sort…I like that idea.

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  1. Have the T-shirt says:

    Sounds like you’ll need a vacation to recover from your vacation! Sounds like such fun.

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