Ok, yesterday I went to Peaches house. She wanted some help figuring out how to install and use her ruffler, a complicated and scary looking device that is actually HUGE fun to use, but she couldn’t figure it out and neither could I. I didn’t think about this. Anyway, we futzed around with it for a while and couldn’t figure it out. So she said “Let’s go to Savannah to the store where I bought it.” and proceeded to tell me the life story of the woman who owns the store on the way down there.

Automatic ruffler

I have a ruffler for my old machine, and a ruffler is essentially a ruffler, but different brands install differently, and we simply could not figure out how hers went in.

Then she said “you know what…you need a more contemporary machine. The one I gave you is old. Here, take this one” and handed over a BAM POW sewing machine (I thought the last one was BAM POW but apparently it’s just POW) that does everything but the laundry. And now my head is full of visions of this reproduction clothing WITH EMBROIDERY on the collars, cuffs and hemlines. AND, that place we went, with the woman who knows stuff? CARRIES SOFTWARE for the machine! Of embroidery patterns that are HISTORICALLY PROPER for the stuff I want to make! I plotzed. Right there.

So, in exchange for figuring out how to do the machine embroidery of the type Peaches wants on her heirloom childrens clothing, and doing it for her, I get the use of the BAM POW machine and all the WHOOPDEDOO accessories, and can use it on my own stuff as well!

And we did get the ruffler figured out.

And I realize I’ve kind of been ALL SEWING ALL THE TIME here lately, but those of you’ve who’ve read my stuff for any amount of time know that I get on an idea like a freight train, and it’s all I think about until something new comes along. #4 will be coming home in a week, from having been gone for 2 months, so you’ll probably be hearing about him a good bit.

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2 Responses to BAM POW

  1. Have the T-shirt says:

    I love that you are into your sewing! I can’t wait to see pics of the results!

    • rootietoot says:

      I’m waiting for buttons for the car coat, and last night got an ivory eyelet dress (post-war 1940’s style) cut out. It will get put together this week, so I can wear it to Atlanta.

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