Now I feel better!

It’s smoky around here. They’re calling it “The Sweat Farm Again Fire” because the same area burned a few years ago. It has the entire region under smoke. We are not in any danger, it’s a good bit south and west of us.

I spent a couple of days with a good friend. She and I have known each other since 1983, longer than I’ve known Terry. Though we’ve lived apart all this time, we’ve always kept up, managed to squeeze visits in when we could, shared triumphs and woes, laughed at the same ridiculous situations, complained about kids and husbands, and generally done that whole Sisterhood/Best Friend thing. We have each other’s backs, and that’s a good feeling.

We started making Plans a while back. Understand that ideally, Terry and I will live to be 90 and die together in a plane crash, but I know that is not likely. Statistics say that husbands die first. With that in mind, we decided when both of our spouses are dead, and we’re old ladies, we’re going to pool our resources and share a house in her hometown of Ocean City NJ. She describes it as some sort of Yankee Shangri-La or Nirvana or something, and since I have NO hometown,having moved a lot all my life, it sounds like a nice place to me. We both know each other well enough to know when to go into our separate rooms and leave the other one alone. I love to cook, she doesn’t. I hate administrative stuff, she excels at it. We are not alike, but our skill sets are very complementary. It would work.

Just getting away for a couple of days, being able to gripe, and listen to her gripe, it was very restorative. You know how women are, we need to gripe, not solve things. It isn’t about solving a problem, but about having a sympathetic ear, someone who says “Oh Good Grief! Are you kidding me?” We both did that. Then we went to a movie (Thor…they got Loki ALL WRONG but Thor was definite eye candy) Then we wandered the town square and ate at The Redneck Gourmet and found cool things in antique stores. She gave me her old sewing machine (which is a good bit newer than my old sewing machine) and I promised in exchange I would make some girly things for her daughters.

Oh! I found glass prosthetic eyes at one of the stores, but didn’t buy any, thinking I’d look on Ebay for some cheaper, but the ones there are about 3 times as much so I may send her back to the store, or arrange to need another visit, because when I saw those eyes (they look incredibly REAL) I had an Artistic Vision. I want to make something using those eyes, I don’t know what, but they’re too good to pass up. I am thinking perhaps a flower on a long stem with an eye in the middle…I don’t know…or perhaps a rotifer… I have no idea but who in their artistic right mind could pass up a handful of realistic glass eyes? The only reason I passed them up was lack of cash on hand.


When I got home, the kitchen sink was full of dirty dishes with dried on food. Understand that while I am not the world’s greatest housekeeper, the kitchen is Sacred Territory. And not only was the sink full of dirty dishes, the dishwasher was EMPTY …so it wasn’t as if ANYTHING had to be done. I cleaned up the kitchen, even before unpacking my suitcase or getting a restorative cup of coffee. It took less than 5 minutes so I don’t know why I’m complaining except for the intense feeling of disrespect that wafted off the mess. “I’ll throw it in the sink. Mom will take care of it.” I knew it was the boys mess because Terry’d been at work from 6am to 9pm while I was gone. A plan was formulated.
About 30 minutes later CJ and David came in from work. “HI MOM!”
“Come in here please I need to talk to you.” (commence verbal horsewhipping and guilt trip application)
“MOM!” (CJ attempts to get huffy) “How come the first thing you say after being gone is to fuss at us?!”
“CJ! How come the first thing I see when I walk in after being gone is a sink full of dirty dishes and sticky counters?”
(more attempts a huffiness,however who does he think taught him? he’s dealing with a master.)
“Well FINE THEN” he says.
“Alrighty, here’s the deal.” I say.”If this happens again, you are welcome to cook your own food. You have a refrigerator and a microwave in the game room. You can use those. I will not cook for you any more if I find this kind of mess in my kitchen.”
“Oh…um…yes ma’am.”


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6 Responses to Now I feel better!

  1. OMG, TJ was just like that! And it does make you feel disrespected, taken advantage of.

    Good for you for laying down the law, and you notice when you threatened their MEALS, they became properly remorseful.

    • rootietoot says:

      *happy sigh*
      I found a 3 br 2 bath condo 2 blocks in from the beach for a mere $900K, and a 2br 2ba condo inland somewhere for just $120K, except it had stairs.

  2. I just came back for a girl’s weekend too– Isn’t it nice to get away.

    Sorry about the state of the kitchen. But I’m pretty sure it won’t happen again.

    xo jj

  3. I have a freind like that, I have known her longer than I have known the skippper. I miss her since I moved so far from my home town, but wonder whether she’d move over here should I be on my own?

    Sympathies on the kitchen, I can totally understand how you felt!

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