Smack in the middle of Summer, in incomplete sentences

Because I am the editor.

A walk in the woods down to the river, reminding me of my teen years, spent walking through the woods down to the river. Trillium blooming in shades of palest pink to deep blue, hot pink wild asters, crisp white bindweed crawling all over everthing. The tiniest toad ever hopping across the path, dark bulging trunks of water oaks surrounded by the sand of the Ogeechee river flood plain.

A few minutes spent wreaking havoc on the old trunk of a tree with a pistol, then deciding watermelon was in order.

Walmart, busy with people on their way to the lake, buying floats and bags of ice and 12 packs of soda, a watermelon in the buggy with a bag of tomatoes and some thin sliced bacon, because BLTs were requested.

Pondering the smoke in the air, wondering what’s burning…it must be big. Discovering the source of the smoke: burning pine trees on the 1st hole of the golf course,pondering if the goobers who were shooting fireworks last night are responsible. Gratitude that it isn’t my pine trees.

Watermelon chilling in the fridge. Plotting the construction of fancy hamburgers, planning the mixing of margaritas, excited about the presence of young men, wondering about doing the laundry and deciding against it.

A Summer Recipe Just For You:
One large perfectly ripe tomato, sliced thick
2 slices whole grain bread
a lot of Dukes Mayonnaise,enough to generously cover both slices of bread
a generous sprinkle of finely ground black pepper

Make a sandwich. Wear a bib. eat it leaning over the sink, for it will be messy


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3 Responses to Smack in the middle of Summer, in incomplete sentences

  1. Bella Rum says:

    That is exactly what I had for lunch. I can’t get enough!

  2. Bro. Scott says:

    Here’s one I stumbled across recently – worth sharing:

    1 thin sliced tomato
    1 thin sliced cucumber
    1 lump o’ fresh goat cheese – crumbled, uniformly distributed over veggies
    sprinkle with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper

    Oh yes. It’s very, very good.

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