I had thought about going to the beach today. I like the beach. Tybee Island is laid back and relatively unpopulated, and the ones who do populate it are middle aged and overweight, like me. The rich people go 20 miles north to Hilton Head, and the pretty people go a bit further north to Myrtle Beach, leaving Tybee Island for the poor folks and ugly people. High tide was at 8 this morning, which would have made for the possibility of a pretty seashell or two, but also for the receeding tide to grab one’s legs and pull one under, and with no one to notice, that could be problematic.

Therefore, and because there was no one to go with me and I didn’t want to go alone, the beach was decided against. Instead, I am going to go into Savannah, a nice place to shop, with 10 hour parking places for $3 and an interesting variety of things to look at, including heaps of SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) hipsters in all flavors from the grubby street-person-with-a-trust-fund-and-a-dog to the Everything-I-wear-matches-my-tortoiseshell-glasses-and-$400-saddleshoes types. Me being a 46 year old housewife-in-khaki-pants-and-linen-shirt-thus-completely-invisible, I can sit on a bench on Abercorn Street with an iced latte, and watch people with complete impunity. ‘Tis awesome to have such powers.

There’s also a couple of my favorite stores. Mr Chu’s is a small Asian grocery with the biggest variety of ramen noodle flavors I’ve ever seen, and Brighter Day is on the same street several miles down, and is a full-on Granola Head Hippy Natural Foods store. I mean it’s the Real Deal, with organic everything *and* Dr. Bronner’s soaps. I’m almost out of peppermint soap. The staff all have names like Rain and River and Sunflower, and are universally scornful of my Clarks shoes and JC Penney wardrobe, as am I of their sad white-person dreadlocks and female hairy armpits, but they carry all sorts of spices for pretty cheap, and Israeli couscous, which completely redeems the hairy armpits, in my eyes. Oh and ginger granola, which makes up for the sad white person dreadlocks.

And so I, due to a need to GET THE HECK OUTA HERE, am going to Savannah, to try not to get disgusted with the drivers (they suck. i think you have to take a driving test to prove how bad you are at it, to live there) and to aquire tasty foods that will benefit the entire family.

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  1. Chuckles says:

    I had no idea you worried about tides pulling you under. That would be the equivalent of me worrying about getting a foot caught in a tomato vine in your garden, falling and breaking both legs.
    You have more chance of your roof collapsing than of the tide pulling you out when you’re only knee-deep, picking up shells.
    But I would be very, very glad to be your ‘spotter’, any time!

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