Stress can do funny things to a body

Yes, it’s been interesting around here. Terry’s work, my tooky brain, relationship stuff too delicate to go into. Normally when I am stressed it spills over into my dreams and I have bad ones, scary ones that are all about loss. Sometimes I lose people, sometimes I am the one who’s lost.

Last night I got a reprieve, and had a dream about gain of the relationship type. Oh yes! I dreamed about people coming into my life in a direct and intimate way!

Specifically, I dreamed about my in-laws moving in with us. And among other things, they brought with them an enormous 7 foot long high backed winged avocado green fake alligator hide sofa. A huge vinyl sofa. That took up the entire living room and was so awesome in it’s hideousness that upon seeing it I packed a suitcase, kissed Terry on the cheek, and told him I was going to visit my parents and I would return when the sofa was gone.

This was my dream last night. I can still see the sofa. I am now so fond of it that I want to find one like it to put in the boys game room, because it’s that flamin’ awesome.

Like this, kind of. Only Alligator hide vinyl.


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4 Responses to Stress can do funny things to a body

  1. Not vegan AT ALL is it?

    Interpreting your dream for you, it has elements of outdoors and indoors… the couch signifies domestic comfort but the alligator signifies the danger of the unknown, all bound up together.

    What is so good is that now you like the couch and want one. This is your resilience; what started out as a bad thing has now been embraced by you as original and interesting. This is your great strength and what you should develop and focus on! This is how you can be friends with people like Ren and me who are so different from you. This is a great STRENGTH, so meditate on it and thank God for it, and you will get more of it (old AA expression).


  2. Jo says:

    Clearly you have sofas on the brain, given your recent painting of one.
    My dreams are so boring, I,m always impressed by other peoples weird dreams, even if they are upsetting. (not that I want you to have bad dreams!)

  3. Hehehe. The other night I woke up mad because Hubby had stolen all the covers and stunk up the room. Then I remembered that he’s out of town. 😉

  4. First, I’m laughing at Attila’s comment…

    And your big green sofa!!! Ha! I have no idea what that dream means but it’s a wild sofa and would make for a great “conversation piece” 🙂

    xo jj

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