The Anthony Weiner Issue

I’ve been half heartedly following the Anthony Weiner saga, in that “oh great, another politician who thinks he can get away with acting like a 14 yr old, this is news?” kind of way.

and so half of me is thinking “why do they do that, in this day of instant dissemination of news and he what…accidentally sent the images by twitter when he thought he was private messaging them? Why was he private messaging images of his bits and pieces to someone he wasn’t married to, when he was married to someone else?” Do you know what I’d do if Terry sent me images of his privates? I’d have him taken to the doctor and examined for a brain tumor, or maybe a hormone imbalance that was making him think he was 14…only when Terry was 14, he had enough sense to keep his privates to himself. Why do they DO THAT?

The other half of me is wondering why it’s such a big deal. Don’t politicians do that sort of thing all the time? Didn’t Ted Kennedy drown someone then go on to a long and annoying illustrious career? Didn’t Bill Clinton have relations with Monica Lewinsky WHILE HE WAS AT WORK,and all he got for it was a public finger wagging and a private slap on the back and “attaboy” wink. So why all the hoopla about a few pictures? Is it because Mr Weiner has a funny name, or will never be played by Charlton Heston in a movie (I mean, if Mr Heston were still alive…he is dead, right?)? Why this moral self righteousness all of a sudden?

So no, I do not approve of some man sending pictures of his kibbles and bits to someone else, but it’s not mine to approve nor disapprove. He didn’t do anything other people haven’t done, he just had an unfortunate surname that was ripe for mockery. I am really, really thankful, for his sake, that his parents named him Anthony and not Richard.

I am irritated and disgusted by the news media’s inflation of this whole situation, as if OMG!!1!! It’s the first time this has EVER HAPPENED!!1!! plus we don’t like the guy very much plus he’s funny looking plus he probably can’t do anything good for us so he’s OUTA THERE!


Plus he looks kind of like a turtle



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