I picked up #4 from 4-H camp about an hour ago. The first thing he did was to lean into my shoulder and mumble “finally. Intelligent conversation. Mom, all they did in my cabin was tell yo’mama jokes.” He added later that there was a girl in his rotation that was as annoyed with her cabin mates as he was with his, and they wound up spending time together, due to conversational and philosophical similarities.

After feeding him with Doritos and Orange Fanta (c’mon, he ate Good Food for a week, and will be spending the next month with his grandparents who don’t believe in Doritoes and orange Fanta. Don’t judge me.) He is sunburned and hoarse, and still has his glasses *whew*. I was honestly concerned that he’d lose them in the lake, and the warranty only covers them if you have the broken pieces.

So, this being 4-H camp, it’s all about Lake Ecology and Astronomy and Leeches and stuff. He was going to Learn Important Things. I asked him “what did you learn?” expecting something about algae and horsefly larvae and moss. What I got was “I know how to pop someone with a wet towel hard enough to leave a welt” and what happens to a leech when you put salt on it. Apparently it’s not good for the leech, but being mindless bloodsuckers it’s ok.

Oh! And he was in the same tribe I was in 35 years ago! AND, they sang the same song! I warned him that, in 35 years, that song would pop inot his head at inopportune moments, and he should resist the urge to sing “stop look and listen we are the mighty Muskogee” during his wedding or an important presentation to the president of the company.

His experience as the youngest of 4 boys came in handy. Apparently some kid twice his size tried to bully him, but he is quite adept at handling people twice his size, and simply faceplanted the kid everytime he tried to harass him. “I never hit him, Mom, just whenever he would try to get physical with me I’d do that thing CJ taught me and twist around until I was on top, then mash his head into the ground. He only tried it twice then he left me alone.”

I missed him, and I am glad he’s home. He’s not a little boy any more, and it’s hard to wrap my mind around that sometimes.


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  1. Ah yes, they do grow up…and these camp experiences seem to speed the process along. All that time without MOM seems to help in some way. I guess they learn that the world doesn’t END when Mom’s not around.

    Plus Mom’s not around to say, “Don’t DO that! Are you insane?!! You could KILL YOURSELF!!!”

    So they get to experience things we’d never ‘let’ them experience.

    I also think it makes them have a greater appreciation for their day to day lives, the things they take for granted. Seemed to work that way with my kids.

  2. All my sisters kids do/did 4-H Camp and loved it when they advanced to “counselor” status. I remember them being so proud when they’d win “dirtiest cabin” or the hot dog eating contest. Camp’s always the highlight of the summer. Glad #4 had a good time.

    Cheers, jj

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