Camp memories

I went to camp for 2 Summers. The first time was at Rock Eagle, near Madison, Georgia, and the second was at Tybee Island, just outside of Savannah. It’s where we go to the beach now, if a beach is what’s required.

#4 is at Rock Eagle this week. He went there last year as well. We gave him the option of 4-H or Boy Scout camp, and he opted for 4-H because he could only go for 2 years and he had such a great time last year.

As we were packing up last night (bug spray, sunscreen, neither will be used but sometimes all you can do as a mother is provide what they need and hope for the best) I was pondering the memories of Rock Eagle, 34 years ago. Bunk-ish cabins. No air conditioning. No pool. Highly foxy camp counselors who didn’t wear shirts under their fake Indian-type fringed vests. I asked #4 if the female counselors were Hot and he said, in that serious tone of his, “Mom. I still think girls have cooties.” So I guess girls really do develop sooner than boys. Oh, and that stupid song. At camp the kids were divided into 4 tribes and each tribe had their own song. For the purposes of fostering tibal unity and healthy competition, we had to sing this song all week long and at the Thursday Night powow (could you possiblly be more politically incorrect?) each tribe was to sing, and the loudest one won. That stupid song still floats through my head at inopportune times.This year he will be in the same tribe I was in. I wonder if that song will haunt him 34 years from now.

I don’t remember huge chunks of Camp Rock Eagle. The white painted cabins, the lake, tromping around with a newly-made friend. I remember more detailed things about Tybee Island, none of them have anything to do with 4-H or learning ecology or whatever it was we were supposed to learn. I remember one girl being very uppity about being on her period, therefore she could not swim in the ocean, for she would surely attract sharks and we’d all die horrible mutilating deaths. Most of us were still waiting for our periods to start,and for boobs. I also remember this girl had big boobs. I remember the Thursday night party, and being very proud of the painter’s jeans and madras cotton shirt I’d managed to convince my mother were Necessary. For once in my life I had The Right Clothes. Archery (which I was good at!), and more Foxy counselors.

I wonder what sorts of memories #4 is making. Will they be as odd and random as mine seem to be? When I asked him what stuck out in his mind about camp last year, it was the 2 boys in his cabin who were determined to steal the girls’ bathing suits, and that the food wasn’t as bad as he had been led to believe, and the one girl who passed out midway through the 3rd day, because she was such a picky eater she refused all the food. Not the ecology lessons, or the class on snakes.

But that’s ok, because I don’t remember any of that either. Don’t tell Ms Cathy at the extension service, tho. She works very hard to try and teach these kids stuff.

And now they have air conditioned cabins,too. And a swimming pool with a water slide.


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One Response to Camp memories

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Air conditioned cabins. LOL

    I bet he has a blast.

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