It could be worse.

Ice sculptures by Nele Azevego

Ice sculptures by Nele Azevego

97 outside, 87 inside and no A/C. Terry can’t get the part he needs until Monday, and I refuse to give up the trip to Kentucky in order to pay a repairman to come out on a weekend. We’ll suck it up, drink lots of iced tea and take cold showers, and put box fans in the windows to sleep.

100 years ago,no one had A/C. 20 years ago we lived in a tin can in South Georgia and had no A/C. We used to deliberately(on purpose! With intent!) camp in the summer, and the tent never had A/C.

It’s why God invented shopping malls, so we could go into the A/C and cool off. Right? Right. And El Sombrero, who keeps their thermostat set on Meat Locker and who’s tacos are cheap.

I dearly love that Terry can fix things. It means that I don’t have to hear someone say “I can get to it in 2 weeks” and then follow that with “that will be $1427”. All that *and* he looks Hawt in Carhartt jeans.


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2 Responses to It could be worse.

  1. Have The T-shirt says:

    I need to find me a man like Terry….can fix anything and looks hot in jeans.

    Instead, I found a man who THINKS he can fix anything and KNOWS he looks hot in jeans.


    • rootietoot says:

      Terry is completely clueless about how Hawt he is. It’s part of his charm. Women follow him around in the market and he just thinks they’re taking the same route he is.

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