Making plans: on the road again

I love making plans. Half the fun of a trip is in the planning, the optimism…it’s like planting a garden, you just know it’s going to be fabulous!

So anyway, when we were in Atlanta last weekend (and I am considering that small adventure to be a sort of traveler’s snack, the antipasto of journeys, just enough to whet the appetite), we started talking about Where To Next. Terry has 10 days off in July, and by golly we are NOT going to waste it sitting around watching war movies and complaining about the weeds.

So we started tossing around ideas. The Blue Ridge Parkway? A Low Country tour up to Kill Devil Hills and Ocracoke Island? What if we just got on Hwy 301 and drove to Delaware and back? None of it felt right. Then Terry said “you know, I’ve always wanted to see the Shaker Village in Kentucky” and That Felt Right.

So yesterday I got online. There is a perfectly lovely non-interstate route to Kentucky, on a road that we can get on mere yards from our house. Through the mountains, up into Kentrucky horse and bourbon country…gorgeous stuff, folks. So I plotted a route, planned stops, and made us a reservation at the Inn at Pleasant Hill with plans to stay there for a day and a half, then a short trip an hour north to Frankfort, where there are 3 bourbon distilleries that offer tours.

Terry is a HUGE bourbon afficianado. You know how people collect fine wines, and know what each one is good with, and the history of them and all? Terry is like that with bourbon. He knows which kind goes with what sort of cigar, which one is best suited for drinking during a NASCAR race, and which one is best savored slowly as a delicious after dinner or late evening celebratory treat…he knows all that. So I thought a tour of a distillery that makes one of his favorites would be quite The Thing.

After that, we’ll turn back to the South, and head toward Knoxville, which is right next to Oak Ridge, where there’s SCIENCE! And HISTORY! And COOL STUFF! I admit to getting my geekitude jumping when it comes to stuff like this, all girlish and squealy and handflappy…well ok maybe I don’t squeal or flap my hands, but this stuff is FASCINATING, and is my equivalent of a bourbon distillery tour. So anyway…

After seeing Oak Ridge, and I am wondering if it would be possible…would they have any…unranium glass? I have no idea…I am sure we’ll be ready to sleep in our own bed and head home.

The trip 2 (or was it 3) years ago, on Route 66, taught us how to travel efficiently. A cooler full of cold drinks so we don’t stop and spend $$ at convenience stores. Load up on fruit and such at the continental breakfast bar in the hotel. Brunch at a Mom&Pop restaurant (the one with all the cars parked out front), snack on fruit midday, and an early supper. Brunches tend to be cheap, and that allows for a nice dinner if we want. Cheap hotels (Super 8 has been quite acceptable in our experience), and a loose agenda. There are things we want to see, but none are so Important that the trip becomes more about the destination than about the journey.


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3 Responses to Making plans: on the road again

  1. Michelle says:

    That sounds heavenly! I love a good road trip. I wish we could take one sometime soon but it won’t be feasible until late summer for us, financially. Gotta pay off the tax man!

  2. Have The T-shirt says:

    You are so right, the planning and anticipation are the best part of travel.

    Your plans sound wonderful!

  3. Bella Rum says:

    This is my kind of trip. Sounds like fun. We’ve been thinking of the Smokey Mountains in the fall. Just a few days.

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