gratuitious kitty pictures

Gracie and her blue eyes

The smallest box possible

Phleud in his vacation home with Maggie and Coco

Phleud in his natural habitat: a shoebox

Gracie in the yard with dogs

Young Phleud and Lily

Phleud and Gracie, aren't they purty!

Phleud in the chair, Gracie underneath, with a teeny ball

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2 Responses to gratuitious kitty pictures

  1. Jo says:

    Beautiful cats. I love Siamese: graceful, great jumpers, and those eyes! I have one too, but he is a pansy and won’t go out in the rain or snow…doesn’t like getting his paws wet! Such a wuss, but we love him anyway.

    • rootietoot says:

      Oh our cats are complete princesses when it comes to the Wet. Gracie once got caught in a sudden downpour, came flying in through the pet door, and sat there, hissing and spitting and cursing for 10 minutes until I dried her off and gave her a treat.

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