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Guess what I did this morning! you’ll never, so I’ll tell you

When 5am rolled around and I was hit with the standard “it’s 5am and I gotta pee” alarm, as I was staggering in the dark to the bathroom, the doorway shifted over 3 inches to the right from where it … Continue reading

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I love looking at other people’s shoes. I am not a shoe person. There are maybe…8 pair in my closet, and 4 of those are sneakers/ratty things that are worn in the garden or when doing mud related activities. None … Continue reading

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Well of course I am…

I’m baking 3 large, flat loaves of focaccia this morning. I tried to make rolls yesterday, did in fact make hard little knotty things, so they got tossed and with fresh flour and yeast there are fragrant herbal loaves of … Continue reading

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A short week

It’s going to be a REALLY short week, with lots crammed into it. I’m not sure how it will all get done but I know it will. *It’s Monday even though the calendar says Tuesday. Sunday was Saturday and Monday … Continue reading

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Today I am painting the dining room. My modus operandus when painting a room is to take down all the pictures and patch the nail holes with spackle, then let the spackle dry for several months, while driving Terry slightly … Continue reading

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

This is my favorite time of year. Everything’s blooming, the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection is right around the corner (I LOVE THAT!), school will be out for the summer in about 6 weeks, Daylight Savings Time means longer evenings, even … Continue reading

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Post trip wrap up part 1

Ok, we had a wonderful time this past weekend. It was Terry’s one weekend off a month (that’s a whole ‘nother post there…)so he took a vacation day on Friday, to give us 3 entire uninterrupted (well mostly) days to … Continue reading

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