and that’s all she wrote!

No, this is not the last post ever, but that’s what we say when It’s Over, Finished, End of the Story.

There’s a birdhouse on our patio. It has been noisy and busy with a titmouse family. I love a titmouse, they’re cheeky and have bright beady eyes. So I’ve been watching and today, there was a fledgeling perched in the opening!

He stood there for a good while, occasionally disappearing back into the house, but mostly just perched in the opening watching the goings on down below. So cute!

Then I turned my back and heard a joyful screech and turned back to see him fluttering down to the ground. So did the dogs. and the cat.

I tried to catch him (have no idea what I’d have done if I’d succeeded) but didn’t get to him/her before Daisy did, and crunch…that’s all she wrote. Just a dead little morsel of a titmouse now. but I did get some good pictures to document his short little life.


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