It’s not even May yet

I have the air conditioner going. It got up to 92 today. I kind of despise air conditioning, but Terry says he works all day in a hot plant and wants to come home to a cool house, so I am respecting that. To be honest, though, the thought of turning on the A/C in the middle of April just seems self indulgent and not at ALL Presbyterian. We’re supposed to be frugal, as a hat tip to our Scottish heritage (but they don’t need A/C in Scotland), and not all self indulgent-like with this artificial cool air and breeziness blowing out the vents.

I have my own form of cooling off. I like cool showers with Dr Bronner’s peppermint soap, a tall glass of mint iced tea, or a cool washcloth on the back of my neck. I am actually quite content with that. I wear loose cotton dresses and powder my behind with Shower to Shower powder. none of it’s very flattering, really, but I’m past that now. The Jessica london catalog carried these awful looking but spectacularly comfortable seersucker cotton dresses like big ol’ Pentocostal tents and I absolutely LOVE them.

I guess the A/C is like chicken breasts to Terry. A long time ago, we lived in places that didn’t have A/C even though the were in South Georgia. A long time ago the only meat we ate was either venison given to us by hunter friends, or those chicken legs that came in 10 pound bags for 39 cents a pound. Eventually we could afford better, and Terry announced that he was never eating another chicken leg ever in his life, breasts only, please. I prefer dark meat, so it works out well to buy a whole chicken and get a bit of both. He also, I believe, decided that by golly we can afford A/C now and so he’s going to have it. He did reach a compromise with me, in that he’ll settle for 78 degrees instead of his desired 68. I start wearing sweaters and wool socks at 70, so I am happy that he is willing to keep it at 78. I think when you come out of a mill that’s a solid 100 degrees, 78 ought to feel pretty good.

But it still galls me to have to turn the A/C on in April. I had a hard and fast rule that it was not to come on until June 1, but dual sets of night sweats changed that. Twice now I’ve woken up at 2am, drenched with sweat and unable to determine if it was his or mine. Turning the A/C on has helped with that, but i am still cranky about it. It just feels so…y’know…LUXURIOUS. SELF INDULGENT. Which is kind of an uncomfortable feeling for me.


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5 Responses to It’s not even May yet

  1. Jo says:

    Meanwhile, I’m still turning up the furnace every morning and wearing socks to bed! This is the chilliest, rainiest April in Toronto that I can remember for ages.

  2. SuperBee says:

    Be grateful you have it. I don’t, currently. And I’m fucking pissed. Pardon my French.

  3. The weather across the country has been so crazy. Here in Los Angeles, one day it’s 58 degrees the next it’s 92! We don’t have air conditioning since we love close tot he ocean and don’t usually need it, but on those 92 degrees days, I think I’d turn it on if I had it.

    Hope the summer is an easy one and maybe you won’t need to turn it on as often. Fingers crossed.

    xo jj

    • rootietoot says:

      1 word: Ceiling fans…ok 2 words. During the day I’ll keep the house at 82 with the fans on high and it’s just fine, then at 5 I’ll drop it down to comfortable for Terry and put on socks and a parka.

  4. Bella Rum says:

    We’re having a beautiful day today, but it’s been slow coming.

    I remember not turning the AC on till mid June. I hated it and preferred fans and open windows. Now I love the AC. Can’t stand the heat, but like you, I feel guilty. Wasn’t raised this way.

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