Where it all starts to fall into place

Ok, over the past few years I’ve written about the drama with my kids. I haven’t put everything out there, but enough that you know there’s been some real head-banging and gut-wrenching things going on.

It’s settled down a bit. Will (23) is holding his own and has started welding school at the local vo-tech college. How that will play out remains to be seen, but I am hopeful. It’s a useful trade that pays well, and he will be able to use it to pursue artistic endeavors as well.

David (21) has moved back in with us,after a rocky couple of years. I haven’t gone into that in detail and probably won’t. Suffice it to say he’s alive and will start school in a month at the local university. I think he’s learned his lesson, sowed his wild oats, and played the part of the Prodigal Son, now he’s ready to get to work.

CJ…well…ok. Drama Queen that he is…graduated High School, and has been working full time as an inspector at the place Terry works. I am proud of him there. He also went to the Vo Tech college and got some welding training, proud there too. This morning he is interviewing with a welding contractor to get his first Real Career Type job. Proud Mama much? YAH YOUBETCHA! Ok time to brag. They guy wants him, bad. Bad enough that he has talked about wanting him to start TODAY. At $15 an hour. People. That’s $30K a year. For a 19 year old. More really, because during busy times there will be a lot of overtime. We had 3 kids and a mortgage by the time Terry was making that much. Not only that, the kid looks like Luke Duke from Dukes of Hazzard (the old one, not the new one). We talked a bit. He said if he gets this job, he’s going to trade his car (a 2001 Jetta) in and get the truck he wants (a Colorado 4×4), and move out…he knows of a little house for rent down a dirt road, and has a friend lined up to share it.

Seeing my kids fall into place, get their acts together, when just a couple of years ago my biggest concern with them was that they’d actually survive the weekend…I mean, seriously, I worried every Friday night that I would get a phone call from the hospital, telling me I needed to get there NOW. I worried that they would disappear off the face of the Earth, only for their bones to be identified by dental records because the buzzards had picked them clean. you think I exagerate? I do not. I honestly worried these things until I was weeping. Now I see them, making their ways, heading down paths to productive adulthood,and it’s,frankly, mind bogglingly wonderful.

This mama is not quite sure what to do with herself, now that I don’t have to fret and worry over my children. Yes, there’s one more to go who just turned 12, but he has 3 older brothers who regularly threaten to whup his ass if he pulls the same sorts of stunts they did.

So, people used to tell me that I worry too much, that everything will work out fine with the kids, that I needed to have faith. I suppose I did worry too much, but I couldn’t really help it. I saw things happen to their friends, occasionally someone DIED, for pete’s sake! It could have been MY KID,but wasn’t! How am I not supposed to worry! I don’t regret worrying, it would be like regretting digestion…it just IS WHAT IT IS, and part of my constitution. I will continue to worry about things, not for their lives,perhaps, but for other things. I will continue pray daily, for their safety and well being. Because it’s what I do.


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3 Responses to Where it all starts to fall into place

  1. Great post thanks for sharing. Family and friends are what truly makes life worth living. Even as we get older we find out how much we truly need one another.

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  2. Jo says:

    Glad to hear that things are settling down. Forgive my nosiness, but is Will still dating Astrogirl? You mentioned her a few months ago, but not recently. She sounded like a nice sensible lass.

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