The toe is not so bad this morning.

It’s still technicolor, and I am still QUITE aware that it’s there, as opposed to the little toe on the other foot, which I am not aware of at all unless I look at it. It’s not as swollen either, but that could be due to laying down all night. I would not call it painful, tho. Not like,say, a migraine headache or a bad cramp. It’s more like…ok the potential for pain is there if I don’t treat it properly.

However, proper treatment isn’t in the cards. We are likely (tho not yet definitely) to have company for supper. There are great wads of dog hair* everywhere that need vacuuming, and David will be supervised in that activity. Groceries must be bought. I have to do that. This and that need doing, more supervision of David but honestly I am a lousy supervisor, as I have particular ways I want things done and darn it, it’s just easier to do it myself than tell someone else how, especially someone who’s sense of How It’s Done differs dramatically from mine.

So, dear toe, you will probably be encased in those very wide black shoes, the ones that make my feet look like…y’know…OLD LADY FEET…but have plenty of room for swollen toes and bunions and corns and other old ladyfoot maladies. Dear toe, I promise to ice you and prop you up and treat you as gently as I can within the parameters of my lifestyle, which almost never involves propping of feet and general tenderness.

*as per the great wads of dog hair, let me make it clear that I am not one of these people who waits until the County shows up with an order to vacate due to unsanitary conditions. It’s Springtime, and I have 2 longhaired dogs that drop their winter coats in the Spring, so no matter how often I vacuum (once a week, typically),there will be wads of dog hair. Occasionally I’ll vacuum more often, but it’s not my favorite thing in the world, so once a week will do, and I’ll time it to do right before I know someone is showing up.


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