I love looking at other people’s shoes.


I am not a shoe person. There are maybe…8 pair in my closet, and 4 of those are sneakers/ratty things that are worn in the garden or when doing mud related activities.

imagine these, only ratty with stains

These are my dress sneakers

None of them have any sort of heel.

3 of them are meant for people with wide feet and orthopedic issues of some sort (like plantar fascitist) and would never qualify as cute/pretty.

oooo ssssexxxay!

1 pair is actually CUTE (to me) and I have nothing to wear them with. They’re red loafers, with a white top and a little red daisy looking thing. I mean, *I* think they’re cute, and I bought them many years ago in a fit of self indulgence with an outfit (long since gone) of a red floral skirt, white blouse and red vest,from the Coldwater Creek catalog and if you know anything about them, they’ll put a whole outfit together for you,so I bought the whole outfit. And now I have these adorable red and white shoes and nothing to wear them with.

I wish I could wear fancy high heels. The doctor said I could, once the hip was fixed.

But it takes a lot of practice to walk in them, and I’m busy, and they aren’t practical in my line of work.

While these aren't high heels, Terry would wonder who I was and what did I do with his wife

so, because my imagination doesn’t run in the fashion part of life, I’ll stick with Keds and New Balance and Propet, with an adventurous pair of Clarks for church. I’ll let Charlotte wear the cool shoes, and admire her feet while not complaining about mine.


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3 Responses to Shoes

  1. I also have about 6 pairs of shoes, and none of them are high heels. Hubby, on the other hand has about 40 pairs. He gets a little pissy when I call him “Imelda”. 😉

  2. Jo says:

    You’ve just expressed my shoe philosophy. I have plantar fasciitis, so always I have to look for comfort first. The second question is always security: if someone is chasing me, can I run away in the shoes I’m wearing? Can’t do that in heels — or flip flops.

    Clothes, yes, I care how they look. Shoes are just a pain. I take no joy in shopping for them.

  3. Your dress sneakers are my work shoes! Great minds think alike! 😀

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