A short week

It’s going to be a REALLY short week, with lots crammed into it. I’m not sure how it will all get done but I know it will.

*It’s Monday even though the calendar says Tuesday. Sunday was Saturday and Monday was Sunday or something…I went to Alabama Sunday (Saturday) to spend some time with my parents and pay a visit to my psychiatrist, The Good Dr. H. I tried to get a local psychiatrist, here in Statesboro, but that was a flamin’ heap of stinking mess disaster, so I decided that I would simply make the drive to Montgomery, and put in some quality time with Mom and Dad at the same time. Mom and I did some shopping, which she never gets to do because Dad won’t do it, and we all know it’s easier to find a pretty Easter outfit if there’s another woman along to give an honest opinion. I got to spend some time with them AND see my doctor of 17 years who knows me well enough that when I say “I had a rough patch in January and February” I meant “I probably should have been hospitalized but was unwilling to admit weakness” and he said “if you are thinking you might call me that means you should call me, so next time call me.” I am, indeed, the kind of patient to minimize issues. I am glad that he knows that.

*It’s Tuesday but it feels like Monday because now I’m home with loads of laundry which I normally do on Monday but was busy driving all over the Southeast on Monday so now I am doing them on Tuesday. Also I have to make 50 yeast rolls for the teacher’s luncheon tomorrow. I will bake them most of the way, then finish them in the oven tomorrow so they’ll be warm and fresh. Which means I won’t be going to prayer group tomorrow because the luncheon falls right at the same time.

*Friday falls on Thursday so Friday will be Saturday in the grand scheme of things. #4’s school is having a Seder on Thursday but I don’t think I have to do anything for that. I believe they found a caterer to handle it. I hope so, as lambshanks aren’t the kind of thing you can find easily in Statesboro.

Saturday and Sunday will be Nothing Special even though I kind of LOVE Easter. Not the bunnies and eggs thing, but the whole Resurrection thing. It makes me happy. What does NOT make me happy is that Terry has to work this weekend. I know, right? Single most important holiday on the Christian calendar. Color me PISSED.

So I keep saying “he’s employed. this is a good thing. yes,he is employed.” and it is a good thing. yes.

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2 Responses to A short week

  1. JerseyChick says:

    Oh, yeah- still haven’t dealt with the Easter Dinner issue. TY for the reminder!

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