Today I am painting the dining room. My modus operandus when painting a room is to take down all the pictures and patch the nail holes with spackle, then let the spackle dry for several months, while driving Terry slightly nuts(er) because he has to stare at the mangy patch walls, but one must make absolutely SURE the spackle is good and dry before painting over it, plus all that motivation that caused the idea of painting to happen in the first place must be recharged,doncha know, and also other stuff comes along, like StumbleUpon or Solitaire like really good weather that calls for outside stuff to be done, that kind of thing…you know what I mean.

Anyway,today, I simply could NOT come up with anything else to do AT ALL. The yardwork (except for mowing) is done. The gardens are weeded and blooming beautifully,yet the peas aren’t ready to pick, and also I woke up with an inexplicable feeling of uselessness, (“get a JOB, Peggy, earn your keep!” that voice said loudly)so I decided doing something useful was in order, AND we have all the stuff necessary to paint. Therefore. Painting it is. A boring and inoffensive very light tan, YAWN. Right now the dining room is a (patchy) soft gold,which I dearly love, but in the interest of selling the house, it’s getting changed to that boring tan that goes nicely with the living room and office(it’s on the same color card as those 2 rooms, just a shade lighter).

So, Peggy, you may ask, how is it you can blog and paint at the same time? Magic!….actually no. I got the little short hallway painted, and stopped because I got lightheaded and realized it was 9:30 and hadn’t had breakfast, so fixed a bowl of cereal (Special K with Red Berries. Yum)and now I’m waiting for it to settle in and listening to The Doobie Brothers and blogging.

Next up will be to do all the brush painting- corners and around the trim and such, as I decide if the trim will need a coat of paint as well. I hate painting trim. The big swaths of coverage you get from rolling on is so much more satisfying, but I am pretty sure the trim will need it as well, and boy howdy that room has ALOT of trim. Yuck. And I can’t trust the household help with it because they just kind of slop it on with no regard for runs or missed spots. Plus they were up all night and if I get them up and make them paint they’ll go all passive aggressive on me and do a crap job just because.

But that’s ok. In general I like to paint, it’s satisfying to have a clean a crisp room with no smudges or shoe marks (yes, on the walls, such is the life of a mother with boys. I remember finding footprints on the ceiling once,and chose not to ask, just to accept.)

And now it’s 30 minutes later, so I am back to it. With Pandora on the Steely Dan channel- they play alot of Boz Scaggs, and I like that!

There, the dining room is painted a BORING and INOFFENSIVE beige. Next week, when I get back from 2 days in Alabama (visiting my parents, etc) I’ll paint the trim…all 27 miles of crown molding and such anice crisp white. I hate painting trim, but the room will look nice and the current color (called “sesame”) doesn’t look right with the cream. I will need to go through the framed pictures to pick out a few that will look pleasant and inoffensive….all those staging shows say “nothing too personal and no family photos and yet, if I did some stupid artwork out of scrapbooking paper and foam board I would have to stab my eyes out with a pencil every time I walked in there. However, I have some pieces of old sheet music with really lovely scrollwork on the front that frame up beautifully in a standard 8×10 frame, and some interesting abstract stuff…y’know…made by the kids when they were tots butitsreallyprettyandiloveitverymuch.

and I am hungry and allI really want is a huge platter of Taco Bell NastyNachoes. but that would make me swell up like a water balloon and be miserable for days.


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