It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

This is my favorite time of year. Everything’s blooming, the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection is right around the corner (I LOVE THAT!), school will be out for the summer in about 6 weeks, Daylight Savings Time means longer evenings, even long enough that Terry gets home before the sun goes down! (YAY!).

I love Easter, spare me the lecture, I know that “easter” is the name of a pagan goddess of fertility and using the name for a Christian celebration is an egregious cultural appropriation perpetrated by the early church to appease the heathen Europeans when the church was trying to civilize them. But Passover doesn’t quite work for me, tho I know many Christians who use that word instead of the E word, and have no issue with it. I also think the whole bunnies/chicks/eggs thing is silly, but I totally make deviled eggs for Easter dinner. I do not, however, bake a ham, because I cannot reconcile cooking pork to celebrate the resurrection of a Jewish rabbi. Yes, I know, the whole Peter Had A Vision thing that released Christianity from the Kosher law, but lamb makes much more sense than ham, except that I cannot bring myself to eat something so cute, unless it’s wrapped in a pita and slathered with tzaziki sauce. *flaps hands* leave me to my notions, they make sense to me.

Easter won’t be much to do with at this house. I mean, yes to church for #4 and me…Terry’s working. THE HELL YOU SAY! Yep. El Presidente decided it was to be so. And schedule-wise, it’s Terry’s weekend to work. It’s also 4th Sunday,which is our scheduled Potluck Lunch. However, it might not happen, only if there’s more than 5 families participating will we meet. I hope we do, because otherwise it will be soup and sandwiches after church. Which kinda sucks for Easter Dinner.

We will,however, go to church, sing loudly “Christ The Lord is risen today, aaaaaaalehhhhlooooooyaaaaah!” and look at all the women dressed in pastels with fancy hats and men with pastel silk ties and little girls looking like a bolt of tulle exploded on their bodies. I love that. If I ever get a grandaughter I am totally exploding tulle all over her, and she will probably be just like I was when my grandmother did that to me: wear it once for a photo (with a forced smile) then immediately change back into jeans and a tshirt.

I will, however, read Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24 and John 20,with joy and a smile,because it’s WHY I am a believer. I will NOT, however, hang colored plastic eggs from a tree, buy my son a bunny so the dogs can terrorize it into a heart attack, or bake a ham. As much as we all love ham.


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3 Responses to It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

  1. I say Easter too. So Happy Easter a little early. I must admit though, I will fill a few plastic eggs and hide them around the house for my kids. It’s our fun tradition. They won’t let me miss.

  2. SuperBee says:

    I love Easter. But that’s also because growing up I had a Baltimore-Polish nanny, who would have me come over around Christmas to trim the tree and spend the night, and because I used to get Easter Baskets… come to think of it, I always have Easter plans, though I usually do Easter Brunch instead of Easter Dinner…

    But I make sure to wear pastels. 🙂

    And mmmmmmm. Schwarma and pitaaaaaa…drooooool…

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