Well here we go again!

This is not the post trip wrap up, that will come later…maybe today, maybe not. The trip was great, tho and we have lotsa pictures to prove it. Thus the later.

This is more…uh boy…yay…kinda post.
Yet another older child has moved back home. David this time. He’s out of money, has no job, and starts back to school in May. “Mom, I might need to move back home soon” he said in early March.
Then Sunday, after we’d just gotten in from our trip, luggage still piled and the 2 of us sitting on the couch all road weary, he showed up “I need to move back in now.”

“Now?” we boggled.

“Now.” he said.

So Terry,being exhausted and dehydrated, was tied to the couch with a bottle of water and instructions to sit still and drink it. and I had the boys do this:

Put CJ’s crap mattress on the truck to take to the dump
Move Eli’s mattress (a good one, double sized) to CJ’s room. (from upstairs to downstairs)
Move Eli’s bed frame (a maple bookcase bed,double sized) to David’s room, formerly the guest room (down the hall upstairs)
Move the guest bed (queen sized, excellent quality) to Eli’s room,which will now serve as the guest room when we have company(up the hall, upstairs)
Set up the bed in David’s room for his mattresses. (and take out a dresser and chair to make room for his furniture)

See, David smokes,and I wasn’t going to have his nasty smelling self on the very high quality queen sized bed we use for guests, because that stink lingers. And I wasn’t going to have his nasty smelling self on the double bed that was Eli’s, and CJ’s old bed was dead and in need to pitching. So we played mattress fruit-basket turnover.

All this mattress shuffling involved much going up and down stairs,difficult with our narrow stairs that have a turn in the middle, and emergency washings of sheets and mattress covers, all at 7pm on a Sunday night after much driving and stuff when all we really wanted to do was sit on the couch and drink a beer.

Oh, and all the spare stuff from the guest room because we had to make room for David’s computer desk and other shi…er…stuff…had to go into my very tiny office which is now looking more like a closet full of shi…er…stuff than my pretty little office I loved to retreat into DEEEP SIIIGH. But that’s a whole ‘nother whine entirely.

And yes, Monday he got a terse lecture on telling us the truth (he’d said he had rent for April when he didn’t) and giving us more than 10 minutes notice on something as major as MOVING BACK IN.

And yes, I am pissed off at losing my lovely guest room, which was the only genuinely decorated and put together room in the entire house.

I am, however, really glad he’s no longer living in that pestilential apartment complex. It is worth it to give up the guest room to not have to worry about him living there.

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One Response to Well here we go again!

  1. Jo says:

    Ya, that must’ve taken the glow off your trip–that’s too bad. Still looking forward to reading about your trip when you’re ready!

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