Terry is taking a 3 day weekend! Woop! #4 is with his grandparents until Sunday! Woopwoop! Everyone else is old enough to fend for themselves and CJ has agreed to feed the dogs when he thinks of it! Woop!

So, Terry’s made plans, and being the man that he is, they’re good plans and he surprised me with them Monday…or was it Tuesday? Tuesday I think. It was more than 24 hours ago and anyway, he apologized for not being able to surprise me by taking me there and not tellimg me but I like a bit of warning with my surprises, so it was actually perfect how he did it.

Friday we’re going to Savannah. My camera (that the TSA treated badly and broke…i’ve only had it a couple of months and was wise enough to get the warranty) is ready to pick up, and then we’re going to proceed to Tybee Island and spend some time on the beach, and then into Olde Towne Savannah and River Street to listen to street musicians, watch the ocean freighters, and eat seafood. And laugh at hipsters. Downtown Savannah, thanks to the Savannah College of Art and Design,is slamfull of hipsters on their daddy’s dole, working so hard at being pretentious and ironic, it’s awesome to get a cup of something and sit on a bench and watch them walk disdainfully by, looking all put together with their careful outfits of ill fitting clothes and horn rimmed glasses.

Anyway…Savannah on Friday. I took Terry lunch Tuesday and we toodled around Bulloch County, enjoying the blooming things and looking for houses on sale (found one! About 4 acres, cute little brick house and a couple of outbuildings! If this house sells I will definitely look into that one…it’s precisely what we’re looking for),and he announced that not only are we going to Savannah Friday, but we’re going to make a slow and pleasant backroads journey to Dillard, WAAAAAAAY up in the northern part of the state, right on the line up in the mountains. I LOVE DILLARD! It’s essentially a 10 mile long stretch of antique shops and delicious restaurants including The Dillard House which is ONLY the best home cookin’ type food ON THE PLANET. We’ll have to get up early Saturday to get there in time to hit a store or two, but that’s fine. It’s allabout the journey, not the destination. There WILL be a write up with photos at Welcome to Paradise: Terry and Peggy Go For A Ride. When we’re in Dillard, we can get a cup of something and sit on a bench and watch all the people walk by, generally folks a bit older than us, wearing sensible shoes and hats, comfortable loose fitting clothes and all smart enough to know that it’s more important to feel good than to look good. Kind of like the opposite of hipsters, only still in the same state.

Then Sunday we’ll hop on the interstate (bleh, but it’s faster) and pick up #4 in Fort Valley, halfway between Statesboro and where my parents live, then head home to throw 60 corndogs in the oven to feed the Youth Group at church. I do not know why I volunteered to feed the Youth Group on this day, other than it was the only day no one else had signed up for and it didn’t occur to me that there was a reason why no one else wanted it. It’s the last day of Spring Break and everyone will be like us, frantically cramming a last squeeze of fun before starting back at school. At least I chose corndogs and not lasagna.


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5 Responses to plans!

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Sounds like fun. Enjoy!

  2. I can’t wait to see the pics! Your description of the hipsters just cracked me up. LOL

  3. Jo says:

    Have a great time!

    We laugh at hipsters here too. Have you seen the video on Youtube, “I love being a d*ckhead”? It’s a satire of English hipsters, who, for some reason, are called d*ckheads there. Apart from the name, all the other details are bang on. Really funny.

  4. Sounds like a perfect little trip! Enjoy yourselves.

  5. That sounds ike an absolutely perfect getaway. I hope you and Terry have a great time, fabulous weather and wonderful photo opportunities. I’ll be watching for your wrap-up.
    ENJOY, jj

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