Truth…or not?

I’m going to tell you a few things about myself. most of them are true, one of them is not. If you’ve done this before with me, don’t say anything to give it away. otherwise, guess which one is false.

1. My first memory is from when I was 2-1/2. I was playing in my grandmother’s rock garden, with small blue tiles in a birdbath, a plastic spatula and an empty Welch’s grape juice can. I couldn’t go anywhere because my legs were in casts.

2. When I was 7 we lived at the bottom of the hill in Champaign, Illinois. I had a friend who lived at the top of the hill, and he had these big plastic things that fit together to make a heavy ring about the size of a tractor tire. he would put them together and roll down the hill into our yard from time to time. He never would let me do it, tho, because I was a girl, and not suited for such activities.

3. When I was 9 or 10, we were at a friend’s country place in Georgia, and the menfolk were shooting guns. I was pestering them to let me shoot too, so Dad got the biggest, nastiest gun there and set me up to shoot. it was a .50 cal flintlock, taller than I was. I shot a watermelon from 25 yards, nearly dislocating my shoulder with the kick, and was hooked. If you know me at all you know the rest is history.

4. When I was 14 I learned to drive Dad’s 1936 John Deere A tractor. You have to start it by spinning this heavy,stiff flywheel, and once it’s going it pops and roars and generally violates very sort of OSHA safety regulation and probably all of the child safety laws as well. However, I still possess all of my limbs and most of my hearing.

5. As a teenager, we had a pet screech owl named Bird Reynolds. He had lost most of one wing. Dad built a cage for him on our deck, and we kept chicks and mice in the freezer to feed him. One day Mom forgot to take a mouse out to thaw,so she put it in the microwave. We had to boil bleach in the microwave after that, to get the smell out.


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8 Responses to Truth…or not?

  1. Shari Johnson Dembinski says:

    A few things about me. Only one is a partial lie.

    1. I grew up in the country on Highway 33 just in the edge of Worth County. It was a great place to live even though it was so far from town all my friends acted like it was going to the moon to come out to the house. We had a barn with a loft and when my parents got new furniture they gave my brother and I the old stuff and we “furnished” it. Our friends who DID come to visit loved to hang out up there with us. It absolutely broke my heart when the barn was torn down. Many, many good times.

    2. David Hamilton and I used to race each other to school at least once a week on that same highway. I drove my Dad’s El Camino (350 motor – was he nuts?!) and David had a 4 or 5 speed Mercury Capri. It is an absolute wonder that one or both of us didn’t get picked up with tweezers. I wonder what the Huckabys and Lewises thought about our foolishness? Maybe we zoomed by so fast they never noticed!

    3. I love my job teaching eighth grade language arts. I’ve always loved reading and it seemed like a natural fit. Of course, it was kinda dodgy there for a few years whether I’d ever actually do it or not. See, I had SO much FUN my first year and a half in college that I had to go every summer and throw myself on the mercy of the dean of GSW to “please, please, please! Let me take the full course load of 21 hours so I can graduate June ’87 or no more Pell money for either of us!” I graduated with a degree in English (all I had enough credits for at the time). I toiled for six years at F*** People & Like it (aka FPL – the power company) during which I got married and had two girls on the cheapest insurance I’ll have ever had.

    I then took a severance package, enrolled at USF, parked the girls in daycare two days a week and earned my secondary English ed. degree. Years later, NCLB demanded I become a teacher of reading (really?!) so back I went. I realized I was on the 10-year plan – every ten years I go back to school. Six more to go until the next round. Master’s degree in reading was earned by myself, my husband, my daughters, my parents and a few compassionate co-workers.

    4. I currently have two cats, one dog and one really old horse. At one time we had eight horses. I could have driven a BMW for what we had to pay in feed and vet bills.

    5. The only broken bone I’ve ever had was my little toe. It was turning a purplish black and throbbing. I gathered my courage, drank two beers, reached down and grabbed it and yanked it hard. It returned to a healthier shade of pink and eventually healed.

  2. Terry says:

    And it would be unfair of me to anser Peggys

  3. Bella Rum says:

    I can’t remember if I ever played this with you, so I figure it’s fair for me to play. H has never played and wants to guess, too.

    I guess # 5, but I love the name Bird Reynolds. H guesses #4 but I think he’s wrong.

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