And now it’s (almost) here

#4 is having a birthday party tonight! he’ll be twelve in a few days, and the next weekend, which is actually closer to his birthday, is the first day of Spring Break so absolutely NO ONE will be in town, thus the party is tonight. He wanted it to be a sleepover event, but everyone invited (the entire male population of the 5th and 6th grade at his school, which sounds ominous but in reality is only 9 boys) has something Major in the morning: a Math Team competition, or a baseball game, or soccer match, therefore only Andrew will be spending the night, and he’s here nearly every weekend anyway. Where was I? Oh yeah…not a sleepover, but a party nonetheless, with cakes and junkfood and once it gets dark, Spotlight Tag on the golf course behind the house.

The cakes will be made to look like lego bricks. I’ll use a loaf pan and mini muffins for the studs on top. Even though I hear all the time on Cake Boss and Amazing Wedding Cakes and such how wonderful fondant icing is for a smooth finish, I have never made it before and the effect would be lost on a pack of 11 year old boys. Therefore I am going to use the frosting in a can (homemade buttercream would also be wasted on 11 year old boys) colored with food coloring, and do the best I can. Yesterday I was in Dunkin Doughnuts getting my Thursday bagel and coffee, and since they share the store with Baskin Robbins, as the bagel was toasting I perused the freezer case of ice creamcakes, and noticed that they were all perfect rectangles that with the addition of studs on top would look like lego bricks nicely. however at $20 each and it would take 2 to feed the masses, and the masses would never know the difference, I opted out and decided to stick with Betty Crocker In A Box.

So. The game room is cleaned up. All the Christmas stuff is inthe attic (thank you David and CJ) and everything is neat and tidy and ready for the masses to mess up. The hot dogs and chips are bought, drinks are ready to put in a cooler full of ice, pool table is cleaned off and ready.

I’m just not sure I’m ready for #4 to be 12 years old.


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One Response to And now it’s (almost) here

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Twelve is kind of a big year. After this, he’ll be a teenager. 😦 I hope the party is a blast and #4 has a birthday to remember.

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