I dunno what happened

Sometime yesterday I did something to my right wrist, and now it won’t bend properly and kinda hurts.
Sometime a few days ago I apparently crashed into a piece of furniture and left a tennis ball sized bruise on my thigh, and now it looks like someone gave me a whack with a baseball bat.
Sometime a couple of weeks ago I bashed my left hand against the counter, resulting in a pair of quarter sized bruises on the back of it.

I swear, I am a not a victim of anything more sinister than straight up clumsiness, even tho it looks like I have been badly mistreated.

I’m constantly forgetting the boundaries of my own body, and cracking into things. It happens so often I don’t notice it’s happened until Terry asks me to wear long pants, or a long sleeved shirt, because of the technicolor evidence. They say that not knowing your own physical boundaries is a symptom of something psychological and I am sure there’s a fancy word for it, but I prefer to think of it as simply a case of myown mind is busy on other things, too busy to be concerned with where my arms and legs are.

Do you ever do that, crash into something that has been right there for 6 years, and you really ought to know better? Do you ever forget where your limbs are?


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One Response to I dunno what happened

  1. JerseyChick says:

    I ran into the corner of the open dishwasher a week ago, and it looks like someone cut a chunk out of my leg. I think the disease is called “Momhood”- we’re just not focussed on ourselves enough to stay safe.

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