Tuesday. Yay.

Tuesdays seem to have not much to offer. Nothing special happens on them. Mondays are Weekend Recovery, Wednesdays have Prayer Group. Thursday is my Day Off (no chores, no appointments), Friday is FRIDAY, and we all know about the weekend. Tuesday is just TUESDAY. more chores, finish up the laundry, no place to go special, sometimes a doctor’s appointment where I have to find out my blood pressure is too high *and* stand on a scale. Bleh.

It’s not even close enough to a weekend on either side to recommend itself. It’s not close enough to a payday (always a Thursday) to be able to treat myself to lunch (that’s my payday HOORAY reward, and why I like taking Thursdays off)

Today, however, might be ok, for a Tuesday. There are 2 major cleanup jobs to choose from. I love choices. I can tackle the game room, as #4 will be having a birthday party this Friday and it needs to be ready, or I can get on my knees and weed the herb garden. Lord knows it needs it. The weather is gorgeous, and would be perfect for weeding, but so would tomorrow. If the game room is cleaned up I’ll quit stressing about it. Oh sure, #4 will do his share in there, but there are things that need doing that he can’t- like putting the Christmas decorations in the attic, and recognize the need to mop, and clean up the catbox. Yes, he *could* clean up the catbox,but the cats are mine and I promised The Power That Be (Terry) that the aquisition of cats would not be imposed on the rest of the household, as I was the one that wanted them and everyone else was indifferent. Anyway, dusting, mopping, general puttinguppedness will ensue.

So I guess the decision has been made: gameroom today, weeding tomorrow. It’s supposed to rain Thursday, which makes it a perfect day for doing nothing but watching Netflix movies and eating a Subway turkey on wheat.

All that still doesn’t make Tuesday interesting, but at least it should be productive.


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2 Responses to Tuesday. Yay.

  1. Bella Rum says:

    They just keep having birthdays. What is it with that? My son will be 37 this year. 37!! That’s ridiculous.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    Oh, your header is beautiful.

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