See that up there

See the header? That’s the wisteria on the patio right now. The office window is right there, and the door going from the kitchen to the patio. I get to benefit from the sweet scent of wisteria all day, breezes blow right across it and into the house.

Across the street, all tangled up in the trees in the wooded vacant lot is a tangle of Carolina Jessamine,bright yellow and fragrant as well.

Next to the driveway, where Terry parks his truck, is a mass of white irises.

There’s buds on the roses, they’ll soon be gracing the table with their peach and yellow blossoms.

The salad greens will be ready to start picking in about a week, and the english peas are about 5 inches high. Cilantro and basil are up, as well as morning glories and cardinal flower on the fence. It’s time to plant the evening primrose, but I’m not sure where. Around the mailbox? Somewhere in the front yard for a patch of soft pink?

I love this time of year. Plants grow and things bloom, no matter what else is going on.


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4 Responses to See that up there

  1. Wow! It’s all gorgeous. It’s hard for me to remember that some people live in places that already have spring. We had snow all morning.

  2. Jo says:

    How do you keep the wild critters from eating your plants? Every time I try to plant herbs or veg in my yard, the raccoons/skunks/squirrels/birds eat it or dig it up.

    • rootietoot says:

      dachshunds,and lots of them. They take great exception to any wildish creature attempting to enter our yard. Something, however, has taken to digging up the moonflower seeds. Since they are quite hallucinagenic, I am assuming it’s either a 17 year old person or an armadillo, with leanings toward the armadillo because the holes are very neat.

  3. Bella Rum says:

    So pretty!

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