Pushing on

OKAY! The weather report says it will be pretty until Thursday, when there might be rain, then pretty again for a few days, then a day of possible rain, and so on. Lather rinse, repeat. typical Spring weather.

The guy is supposed to come today or tomorrow and start on the house. Pressure washing it first, then going upon the roof and checking things out, caulking what needs it, trimming other things, getting all the pine straw off and checking the shingles, that sort of thing. He says that should take 2 days. If he comes today he’ll be done in plenty of time for Thursday’s rain.

Then he’ll start in with the repairs, replacing rotten boards on the eaves, trimming, putting up molding, tucking all those dangling cable and phone wires behind the molding, generally getting it all ready to paint. That should take 2 more days.

Then he’s going to paint. He said for me to go pick out some chips of colors I like, which white I want, and so on. He knows a painter and can get the paint for $90/5 gallon. If I went to Lowe’s and got it myself it would be $130-$150/5 gal, so that is happy-making. He’s figuring 15 gallons. It’s only the upper 1/2 of the house what needs work and painting. that should take another 2 days.

The weather report is putting 3-4 days between rains. I told Mark (the guy doing the work) that I wanted it done by June 1. He said it really is better to do it all fairly quickly, as you want to paint while it’s all still clean. That’s fine, I said. You do it on your time table, as long as it’s all done June 1. Chances are it will be done by May 1. That would be awesome.

I’ve been reading all the HGTV and TLC websites on how to get your house ready to sell, and the good news is we’re doing the right things. It’s all about the aesthetics. Neutral colors, sparkly clean, not too crowded. Yesterday we went through the house and made a list of stuff to put into storage, in order to biggen up the rooms. The piano, an old desk and a small dresser, another desk. I’m also going to box up some of the books to lighten up the bookcases (of which we have many that are kind of double stacked with books) and change the pictures that are hung. They recommend that you replace very personal pictures like family photos with generic artwork. I don’t know that I will like doing that, as 99.8% of the stuff hanging on the walls are either family photos or artwork made by family.

In other news, we’re all healthy and seem to be doing fine.

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6 Responses to Pushing on

  1. JerseyChick says:

    “Biggen” up the rooms? You’re as bad as I am- these days, it seems as if my mouth turns off whenever my hands turn on!

    If you find it hard to slow down after your place is “biggened”, mine could use a touchup- FIL is due in 4 weeks.

    “Biggened”, hmph.

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