It feels good

We’re getting all this work done. I love it!
So far:
13 trees removed from the yard, and yard cleaned up afterward (stumps ground, most of the chips removed, driveway blown off)
2 -14 yard dumptrucks full of dirt brought to the front yard, and spread to fill in dips and holes. Seed and fertilizer aquired to scatter on bare places.
Bids taken and accepted for the rest of the outside work (pressure wash and paint the house, repairs made on eaves, outside of windows calked, all thingies on the roof sealed and caulked, chimney capped w/hardware cloth to keep out the birds). Tuck all the cable and phone wires behind new molding along the back of the house. He’s supposed to start first of the week. He’s also going to cut back the wisteria, since he’ll be right there anyway. The outside should be done in about a month.

Paint and new fixtures in the powder room
New bedspread in the Master bedroom. It’s amazing how something so simple changed the whole look of the room. The room actually looks PUT TOGETHER for the first time ever, because the bedspread is a kind of modern stripe in a zillion softcolors, and looks right with the contemporary styled furniture and picks up the colors in the paintings on the wall.
Long lists made of what else needs to be done.
Dining room prepped and ready to paint (holes spackled, etc)
New sink and countertop ordered for the master bathroom, paint purchased for the cabinets, new faucet, and other fixtures. We have to decide what to do with the mirror: do we keep the huge old one (no frame) or do we get 2 smaller ones with frames? What do we do with the closets? Leave them as is or install some built-in shelves? The master bath and bedroom need paint as well.

annnnnnd the realtor has been contacted, and he said he’ll come out and give the place “The Buyer’s Eyeball” and let us know what he thinks of it all.

We’re looking at a potential Open House sometimes within the first half of June, which will work REALLY well, because #4 will be at camp and with grandparents, and thus the gameroom and his bedroom will be clean and stay that way.

I have to decide if we want to paint #4’s room or not. It’s a strong blue. I don’t want to paint it. I’ll ask the realtor.

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2 Responses to It feels good

  1. Kathryn Lookofsky says:

    Most of the time, whoever buys the house will want to paint the colors they like. Offer a painting allowance. No reason for you to paint it a soft white, when the new owners want it Auburn orange. 😉 I lucked out. I have a red dining room, olive green kitchen, light robin’s egg blue in the master, and buttery yellow in the living room and den— the colors were all from the previous owner and all happen to work with my things just fine. Their son’s room was a smurfy blue. It’s obnoxious, but I haven’t gotten around to changing it. I hate white walls.

    • rootietoot says:

      When we moved here the entire house was antique white. It was nice in that it gave me time to think about what colors I wanted, instead of being grossed out by big Bird Yellow and Cantaloupe Orange like we were in the last house. The thing about antique white is that it’s easy to paint over with any color, where Big Bird Yellow and Cantaloupe Orange require primer and 2 coats of paint.

      The color we’re painting is a light tan, a bit darker than antique white, but still very neutral. The living room is already a shade darker, and the office a shade darker than the LR. (but all on the same paint card)

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