The blessing of water

Last night, in the middle of the night when I was supposed to be asleep but wasn’t, I got thirsty, and had a drink of water. Then, in my middle-of-the-night anxiety, I started counting blessings. I have found that to be an effective way of easing those dark:30 anxieties. I realized that I had just gotten up and had a drink of clean, fresh water. I didn’t have to get it out of a creek or a muddy lake. I didn’t have to boil it or hope it wouldn’t make me sick. I didn’t even have to wait for it beyond the few seconds it took to sip it from the bottle on my bedside table.

I remember watching a show a while back about these women who walked 3 miles from their house to get water, every single day. They toted jugs those 3 miles in the hot sun, every single day. I wondered why they didn’t move closer to the source, then I wondered how i’d handle it if I had to do that. They took it as normal every day chores. I’m such a pampered princess I am sure I’d gripe loudly and sit down and cry.

Have you ever thought about that, how here in the USA, most people can simply turn on a faucet in their house and get water, clean and safe to drink? 150 years ago, someone would dig a well, maybe, or you’d build your house near a source like a creek or a lake. You might have a pump that you could work to get it up, or maybe a bucket. People considered themselves fortunate to have the pump and to not have to go to the creek to get it.

Now, there’s water, and ways to freeze it for ice, or boil it for tea and coffee, all right there in your kitchen.

The water has been out at David’s apartment for the past couple of days, and he came over to take a shower and get a couple of jugs to use for toilet flushing.

Our water went out some time a couple of years ago, the main busted, and we were inconvenienced for a day or so. I did not, however, have to walk 3 miles in the blazing sun to be able to cook supper. All I had to do was drive a 1/2 mile to the corner store and buy a liter bottle for $1. By the time we wanted to take our daily shower, the water main was repaired, all was well. Think about that next time you shower. No wonder people only took a bath once a week, if you had to haul gallons of water and warm them over a fire, you’d probably put it off as long as possible as well.

So today, whenever i drank a glass of water, clean, clear and fresh, I thought about it, and wondered how come I had it.


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2 Responses to The blessing of water

  1. Boy I guess I always take clean water for granted, even complaining about how it tastes. I should definitely be more thankful that I have it in my house to use whenever I want.

  2. elancee says:

    Hot running water is a regularly item on my gratitude list!

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