Can’t turn back now.

Well, we’ve been doing this work on the house. 13 trees removed from the yard, and the downstairs powder room redone with a new toilet, flooring, and paint. I’m hoping, provided energy and inspiration converge, to get the dining room painted a nice bland vanilla. Right now it’s a muted sunset gold that I LOVE, but could be considered “too personal”, so bland vanilla it shall be. Anyway, all those things are nice,but not…y’know, indicative of a COMMITMENT to Do This Thing. that is, get the house sold. They could be considered “needed to be done anyway” and left at that.


This morning I emailed our real estate agent. He’s the one I used to buy this place, and he’s kept up with us these past 6 years, with an occasional email and recognition in the Walmart parking lot, always asking what new thing we’ve done to the house and such. So I emailed him our intentions and asked him to come over sometime and give an opinion on what we should do here and there, to get the place sale-ready. I pretty much KNOW, but it’s good to get an objective look-see.

Now it’s official, because I’ve told someone official.

I’m supposed to call a guy about the exterior repairs, and another guy about a load of sand for the drain field (who’s also the same guy who’s going to clean up the yard after the trees were removed but it’s been too wet). Once all that is done, I’ll assess the situation and if there’s enough money left in the kitty, we may get a few more pine trees removed.

Terry says 6 months. We’ll list the house in June, by then we should have all the work done. If it hasn’t sold by December (likely, really. There’s alot of foreclosures on the market here going for $50 a square foot, and we won’t sell for less than $90, however none of those foreclosures have 5 bedrooms and a fenced in yard), then we’ll take it off the market and wait until next Summer to try again.

At least, if it doesn’t sell, we’ll have a nice yard and freshly painted house. So either way, it’s kinda win-win.

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4 Responses to Can’t turn back now.

  1. Sounds like you’ve already accomplished much! Great job. We have so many projects going on in our home that I basically turn a blind eye to their unfinished state. It’s terrible!

    Best of luck with the preparations and sale of your home.

  2. JerseyChick says:

    I know you’ll miss the color, but it won’t be for long. Your house will sell quickly! Next thing you know, we’ll be hearing about the fabulous colors you’re painting the New Place.

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