A day well spent

I can’t get warm today. It’s 80, and things are opened up like doors and windows but my feet are cold and I have on a sweater. Lame.

Anyway…I spent today in the office. The furniture was cleaned of the weeks of pine pollen, books dusted all that, and then I got busy with the paper. Years and years of piles of paper that needed sorting, filing, shredding, old and defunct insurance benefits books, you know, all that stuff when you get it you say “I should save that” and then 6 years later you look at it and can’t remember why you have it. Catalogs from 2006, and OH JOY! The notebook where I kept the Most Precious artwork, love letters and silliness from the boys. I am very sentimental about things like the first book they ever wrote, or a watercolor painting from kindergarten, that kind of thing. That’s what I love about cleaning up like this, you find things and it’s a little bit like Christmas and Mother’s Day all rolled into one.

5 hours later, and it’s all cleaned up except for the enormous pile of bill statements from pre-2005. Nothing like medical statements or anything, just the monthly “you owe us $200 by the 5th” things. I’m going to burn them all tomorrow because the poor shredder…well…poor shredder nothing. I’m going to burn them because I like burning things. there. I was honest for once.

Not my fire, but could be

There’s a box packed with books, which I’ll get CJ to move for me, and the whole room is nice and uncluttered, almost like you’d see on some HGTV “Sell My House For 25% Over Market Value Because My Throw Pillows Pop” show.


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