Now in Amarillo

Well,I got here. From Savannah to Houston, then Houston halfway to Amarillo, then back to Houston (with whispered commentary to the mechanics in the seat in front of me and I overheard phrases like “emergency landing” and “I know you’re not attendants but can you help if people panic?”) I briefly got nervous, but I’m not the type to panic until it’s safe to, so I bowed my head and prayed for a minute, then decided my nerves were not going to affect the situation one way or another, so put Jim Brickman on the iPod and chilled.

We got back to Houston fine, and Continental Airlines (and yes, they’re going to get a letter from me, I am a big believer in writing letters) had us on another plane within an hour, and back to Amarillo. We had the same flight attendant, and as she was passing out the drinks (again) she said “want something stronger?” and comped everyone who wanted a free bottle of liquor and a can of mixer. My seatmate enjoyed a Bloody Mary (my word she looked EXACTLY like my aunt only 15 years younger. It was disconcerting and I had to apologize for staring at her) and I got a wee bottle of bourbon with mix with my coffee and cream- almost like Baileys in coffee. And everyone cheered when we landed in Amarillo. I was VERY happy that no one was an asshole about it all. The airport people in Houston met us at the gate with carts to whisk us to the gate with the new airplane, a couple of TSA gentlemen helped heft carryon bags, all in all EVERYONE with Continental and Houston Airport made the situation as easy as it could be, given the circumstances.

Grandmother’s fine. Frail looking, and complains of being cold all the time. Her room ws so hot it made me a little queasy, but it was good to see that she’s happy and well cared for.
My aunt is also doing well. She broke her elbow 3 weeks ago, and I teased her about Full Contact Speed Tango, and how she should take up something safer, like rugby or construction work. She laughed and said she’ll consider it. (she broke it jumping over a wall) There’s a nasty scar on her elbow, but she said she’s not an elbow model and can’t see her elbow anyway, so is unconcerned. At 70 and single, she’s really not that concerned about things like scars. “And if anyone asks, which they won’t, I tell them “Full Contact Speed Tango and let them work it out.”

Anyway, all is well in Amarillo, other than I forgot how very dry it is here, and forgot the lotion, and canNOT get enough to drink. Grandmother has several bottles of it, and I’ll borrow a squirt from her.


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One Response to Now in Amarillo

  1. JerseyChick says:

    Well, if you insist on going up in one of those metal contraptions you’re going to have these episodes sooner or later. If God had meant us to fly He’d have given us brains, to figure out Bernouli’s principle and all.
    (Glad you’re safe!)

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