Entirely too much to do.

We finally made that Big Decision. We’re putting the house on the market. 3600 square feet and 5 bedrooms is entirely too much for 3 (maybe 4) people, and I’m weary of trying to keep it all clean and tidy. We’re going to look for a smaller one, maybe even something like this. I absolutely LOVE that plan. on a couple of acres out of town, I’d be stinkin’ happy.

Now, Terry isn’t looking to change jobs just yet. We’re just wanting a smaller place, maybe retire some debt with the equity off this bigger place,get our finances in better shape. IF he decides to look for work elsewhere, if this house has sold and we’re in a rental place because we haven’t gotten the next place up and running, then we’re that much better off. AND if it takes a while for this place to sell, which it very well might, that’s ok too, no hurry.

BUT, getting this place ready to put on the market is going to take a bit of work. Nothing huge and all, but a bit of this and an update of that (the master bathroom is pure 1967 and we’re going to do something about that), a removal of a few very iffy pine trees, a lick of paint in a few of the rooms, some fixing of eaves that look nasty and a bit of paint on the outside…all told, about $5000 worth of work, since we’ll be doing the vast bulk of it ourselfs (save the pine tree removal and eaves/painting outside).

And so I am kicking into overdrive. I am never happier than when there’s a deadline and too much to do. Lists to make! Paint to buy! Contact a realtor! Do I need hanging baskets on the front porch?! What about all those staging shows on HGTV that say your furniture better look good?!

personally I have never understood what furniture has to do with selling a house. I hear the designers rattle on about how if the furniture is icky people will walk in and go YUCK so you’d better have nice stuff and all very impersonal, please put away family photographs and put a big bowl full of feather covered balls on your coffee table so people will get into a bidding war over your house and you can sell it for 20% higher than the asking price. I reckon…it sounds very silly to me but apparently it’s how it’s done. I refuse to buy feather covered balls. I *might* give the scuffed up sofa a lick of paint, I’ve been meaning to do that anyway and this is as good an excuse as any. I DO think I’ll pack up a bunch of stuff, get rid of some clutter and all,open things up a bit so the rooms feel bigger. Might have to get a storage unit, but that’s ok.

Anyway, all 3 bathrooms need some work. Little stuff, that we can do. Several rooms need paint. We’re going with a very neutral light tan that is on the same color chip as the living room and office, but lighter. It works well with the hickory floors. Several of the rooms need new flooring. But it’s all kind of little stuff, and all stuff we can do ourselves. The goal is to be completely finished, inside and out, by June 1, and get it listed then. If it sells quickly, we’ll find a rental. If not, we’ll stay put and I’ll just have to keep it all spic and span all the time, which will kinda be annoying but it’s the price we pay.


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7 Responses to Entirely too much to do.

  1. Best of luck to you! I hope you find just the house you are looking for. I’ve never understood why furniture matters either. We’ve sold two house and I’ve never taken down a picture or moved a piece of furniture. Whenever we’ve gone looking to buy a house, the owners taste and furnishings had nothing to do with our decisions. I’ve watched tons of those HGTV shows though and I guess they know best. I guess.

    • rootietoot says:

      When I’m househunting, it’s all about the bones. Paint doesn’t matter, flooring kinda does, but not much. Decor is completely irrelevent. I want to know if I can knock out a wall to make the kitchen bigger, or if the upstairs floors are level, or if the basement leaks. beyond that, nothing really matters.

  2. Jo says:

    Wow, big decision, but I do understand. Here’s hoping it all goes smoothly for you. I have no idea what the housing market is like where you are; here in Toronto properties move pretty quickly.

    • rootietoot says:

      The market here is VERY slow, lots of foreclosures make it hard to sell normally. however, a couple of large industries are building facilities here, and the college is expanding. We are fortunate in that we don’t HAVE to sell the house, so there’s the luxury of taking our time.

  3. I need a nap just from reading that! LOL

  4. Bella Rum says:

    We want everything on one floor, too. It’s much easier living. I could get Dad’s house very presentable in 45 minutes, even if it was a total mess.

    I hate the idea of moving but love the idea of being in a smaller, one story house. Like you, we will not be under pressure to sell quickly or even to sell at all. That was an issue for us the last time we moved.

    I think removing the clutter and using a neutral paint color is a good idea. We’re in a sea of beige now. I do like color, but I know that’s not true for everyone.

    • rootietoot says:

      When we moved into this house, everything was Builder’s Vanilla, and while I love color too, it was nice to move in and not be affronted with colors I hated. In the last house, the room Will (then 4th grade)chose was Big Bird yellow and covered with Sesame Street decals. That had to go before he’d sleep in it.

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