It’s Sunday, Terry’s Sunday to work. So he hustled moseyed off around 6:30, cup of coffee and bagel in hand, packed lunchbox with Friday’s leftovers (Morrocan roasted chicken, Israeli couscous, Lebanese Salad…i was feeling North Africa/Middle East, it’s a wonder a revolution didn’t break out on the table), and a promise to try and sneak out in time for church.

There’s a spare boy in the house today. #4’s friend Andrew came home with him Friday after school, and simply stayed all weekend. He’s a sweet kid and the 2 of them get along like peanut butter and dill pickles ( a household favorite, don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it) and since he always has a change of clothes here left from last time, it’s not an issue for him to just stay here until they’re sick of each other.

Maybe church today? Maybe. We had black beans and rice last night for supper and those sometimes cause Socially Unacceptable Digestive Issues in#4 and I ALWAYS forget the Beano, so if he’s being all musical and aromatic, then we’ll forgo church in favor of bagels and video games.

It’s also raining, which is delightful, as Terry fertilized the yard yesterday and I planted herb seeds. Cilantro, basil and chives. I decided this year to ignore vegetables and plant herbs instead. There’s plenty of people with vegetable gardens I work swaps with in order to get good tomatoes and squash, and for some reason people in this region never plant herbs, preferring instead to use inferior dried ones, or complain about the cost of ‘fresh’ (not so very ,tho)ones from the store. You know, $3 for a single stem of rosemary, that sort of thing. I chose to pay$1.50 for a pack of seeds, and grow them myself, because the climate here is kinda exactly perfect, and I can swap.

So there we are. One of these days I’m going to actually pick a topic and write about it, sticking to one subject and all. I promise.


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  1. Bella Rum says:

    Rootie, I had to read this post to H. It’s as if you wrote it for him – all of his faves.

    First, Terry’s lunch. That part got me in trouble. Morrocan roasted chicken, Israeli couscous, Lebanese Salad! Really? H is drooling.

    Then the black beans and rice (which H loves) and to top it off, references to aromatic bodily functions. Humor involving bodily functions is his favorite sort. He has the heart of a twelve-year-old boy.

    And then gardening – another of his favorite subjects. He’s so bummed over our abundant shade issue. We get hardly any sun. I’m wondering how herbs will do in pots. Then maybe I could move them to the SUN when necessary???

    H says… GREAT POST!

    • rootietoot says:

      Definitely herbs in pots. Herbs love pots and they generally do ok if you forget to water them now and then. Our yard has one tiny corner that gets enough sun for growing things, and I commandeered it for a few raised beds and a small table and chair. Someone really needs to invent some tasty vegetables that grow in shade. They’d earn the eternal gratitude of frustrated gardeners everywhere.

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