Spring is here, officially!

I know this because the peas are about 2 inches tall, and in another couple of weeks I’ll be able to start picking salad greens for lunch. Yay! I also know this because everything is yellow. Yay pine pollen. If you haven’t been in the South in March and witnessed first hand the natural disaster phenomenon that is pine pollen, you should,at least once, just so you can tell everyone else wherever you’re at that Southerners aren’t lying when they complain about their car being yellow. Also the furniture, the floors, the curtains and the dogs.

During pollen season it is futile to dust. oh sure go ahead and do it, then an hour later you’ll have to do it again, unless you keep the house closed up and the HVAC system running all the time but who wants to do that, when it’s 75 and sunny? Not me.

So I deal with it in my own way. I draw pictures and write notes to my family on the kitchen countertops (they’re black. Mostly I love them but one month a year I wonder “what was I thinkin?”). I leave the layer of pollen alone, to get dense and thick, then come mid-April, when it’s all stopped, I’ll mist everything with a bit of water, and peel it up like a layer of felt. I’ll also cheer the decision to put down hickory floors. Hickory is a yellowish wood, and Does Not Show Pollen.

Also pollen is high in protien, so I can justify it nutritionally, call it Bee Pollen or Royal Pollen, and tell everyone to quit whining and lick the table…it’s good for ya.

So yeah, it’s Springtime in the Southland. Redbuds, Japanese Magnolias, pear trees, Red maples, all blooming, all lovely, and pine trees.


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One Response to Spring is here, officially!

  1. JerseyChick says:

    “Quit whining and lick the table”-lol!

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