My intentions

It’s a gorgeous day. It’s supposed to get up into the low 70’s, perfect for riding around acting all happy and stuff, top down on the car and wind in my hair. Sort of, I mean, usually I wear a hat…anyway. Lovely day. #4 is somewhere north of here on a Boy Scout camping trip, shooting .22 rifles and eating possum omelets and not bathing or brushing his teeth or even changing his underwear. Terry is at work all day. I have no obligations before 6pm. A friend is having a reception for another friend and I was asked to make some food for it, so around 5 I’ll need to put together some finger food stuffs…but it’s only 7:45am and the whole day stretches ahead.

Oh sure, there’s some things that need doing, but nothing pressing. It’s too early to plant the basil and cilantro. The stuff under the cold frame is coming up nicely, tho- lettuces and arugula. I think another cold frame for one of the other beds might be in order. no rush, maybe next year. Menus for the next 2 weeks need making, and groceries bought, but that can wait until Monday. There’s plenty of food for the weekend. A pork roast is in the crock pot for 4th Sunday Dinner tomorrow. The house is at it’s standard level of order (or disorder, depending on who you ask)…and there it is, most of a Saturday, ripe for the picking.

I am thinking a trip to Savannah may be in order. I am out of some foods I can’t get locally: Israeli couscous, a family favorite; this tasty 5 rice blend, good for you too; and rice crackers. I *might* even pay a visit to Mr. Chu’s and pick up something Asian. Pot stickers or mysterious noodles or octopus tentacles. Maybe not. I’m actually ok on most things Asian. Oo except spring roll wrappers. Coming into Spring, obviously spring roll wrappers are necessary. I need to figure out how to make mung bean sprouts, as the mung beans are right there in the jar waiting to be sprouted and they do make lovely spring rolls.

Forsyth Park, Savannah

Savannah is a pleasant 1 hour back-road drive from here. Or I can make it in 50 minutes on the interstate, but why? When I have the time and US 80 is lined with lovely live oaks and blooming redbuds and budding red maples. Brighter Day and Mr. Chu’s are on the same road downtown. Forsyth Park is right there, with it’s FINE Victorian houses (some of them are straight-up mansions). AND there’s a Krispy Kreme shop with a perpetual Hot Doughnuts Now sign on during the weekend. Oh who knows. Terry said if all’s well at work he may be able to get off a little early, but not early enough to go with, given the time contraints of the reception tonight. It’s always more fun when he goes, but that’s ok. The radio will keep me company…or maybe a CD.

CJ moves back in for a couple of months, tomorrow. His lease is up and the lease cycle on the place he wants to go doesn’t start until May,so he’s going to live here,save uphis money for deposits, etc. And we’re both ok with that. He’s settled down, and become…well….an Adult. but that’s a whole ‘nother story.


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2 Responses to My intentions

  1. JerseyChick says:

    This month I’m making foods *I* like to eat, and it includes couscous, so I am very jealous about your ability to get over to Savannah.

    (I won’t make you crazy by mentioning that the couscous recipe allows me to substiture polenta for couscous, so that’s what I ended up buying.)

    • rootietoot says:

      I love polenta! I can see how it would make a good substitute in recipes,except for the salad ones. If I’m in a sharing mood, I’ll bring you some Israeli couscous.

      I’mnot so sure how often Savannah will happen, given gas prices right now. OUCH.

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