Joy of love photography thing day 26

Willette’s The Joy of Love project


Ok in the interest of disclosure, I didn’t take this picture. I stay far, far away from the mancave when there’s anyone in there I’m not related to. Superbowl Sunday, terry had a few friends over for the game, and one of them was Arthur. They kind of grew up together, worked together, then after high school went their separate ways. About 18 months ago, Terry discovered Arthur was living about a mile from here, on the 6th hole of the golf course that we live on the 10th hole of. (I know, not grammatically correct, sue me). And had been there for years. Terry discovered this by looking at Arthur’s facebook page, where he’d posted some photos of a golf game, and our house was in the background. Anyway, they reconnected, and Arthur comes over frequently to inhabit the cave, eat food (he always brings something.. so he’s not this freeloader type) and they enjoy each others company.

Arthur and Terry


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6 Responses to Joy of love photography thing day 26

  1. deedee says:

    They make such a cute couple!

  2. Terry says:

    Why thank you!

  3. Dang what a couple of good looking guys!

  4. Woo-hoo! They look like two very happy guys.
    happy Sunday, jj

  5. Absolutely terrific photo! I am under strict orders not to post photos of Mr Daisy, or I would do it all the time… 🙂

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