Killen some time, a little bit

I have about 20 minutes before I have to leave for an eye appointment. New glasses, y’all! how about that! I want to get some of those with the clip on sunglasses. The pair I have now are like that and I love them. However, the left lens has a crack, which is why the new glasses, and it’s been 2 years since the last appointment so I can’t use to old prescription. that’s ok, I think I’m getting far sighted in my old age. Well, ok, less near sighted. I’m blind as the proverbial bat, or maybe an armadillo…or possibly a mole. VERY nearsighted. My current prescription is a -9.5 in one eye, and -8.75 in the other one. I can’t see anything further away than about 6 inches. *squint* like Mr Magoo.

Last night I was talking to Terry about what kind of specs to get. Do I want to go all trendy and get something stylish? Or stick with my usual Classic But Boring sensibility. The problem is, I am so nearsighted I can’t tell if they look good on me or not, and frankly, I do NOT trust the guy at the optician’s to tell me if they look good or not. He has a comb-over, never trust a man with a comb-over for fashion advice. A little while ago I went in there with CJ and tried on different frames, and he said I looked really good in a particular style…but…he’s 19. Do I want to trust a 19 year old redneck for fashion advice? I mean…he wears duckboots to church.

So I don’t know. There’s a limited number of frames with clip on sunglasses, which is good because that narrows the choices down significantly. I know I don’t want little bitty lenses, because they’re so thick that there’s a weird distortion that happens, almost like a fisheye lens on a camera, and that’s discombobulating and difficult to walk with. I know this because once, in a fit of (something) I bought sunglasses with little lenses and wound up not knowing where my feet were. In the 1980’s I had the huge lenses, and let me tell you, the bigger the lens, the thicker they get toward the edges. By the time my lenses were finished, they were a solid 1/3 of an inch thick. yes,I could see out of them, but people looking through them into my face and head got quite an odd effect, like my head was pinched in at the temples or something.

Anyway, today I have to pick the frames out by myself. Wish me luck. I’m halfway thinking perfectly round Ozzy type, and let my hair grow long and lank, and get a blue tint to them. If I wear alot of eyeliner, and paint my nails black, I might could pull it off. I already mumble and walk into things.


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One Response to Killen some time, a little bit

  1. Jo says:

    Rootie, I have the same problem with trying on frames–I’m so nearsighted, I can’t tell how they look. This is the solution: Bring your digital camera, get someone to snap pics of you wearing the frames, then you look at the pictures to decide how you like them!

    Good luck!

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