After the appointment

Okey doke. I wound up taking fashion advice from the guy with a combover. What can I say…AND Jo’s startlingly simple and quite obvious (except to me) advice of taking a digital camera to take pictures and see how I look? Maaaan. I wish I’da thought of that 2 hours ago. Oh well. Frames were chosen.

I need bifocals. Whiiiiine. But I’m only 25(ish)! Wot da heck?! I got a gentle and kindly lecture form the Cuban eye doctor about People Of A Certain Age and stuff. Wot? Certain age….phphpht.

So, instead of bifocals, because really all I do when I have to read something is hold it out a ways…you know that Old Guys Who Won’t Give In method of reading “here honey, wouldja hold this for me,my arms are too short” which I used to tease Terry unmercifully about it. I reckon what goes around comes around and if he teases me I will TOTALLY deserve it and try like heck to take it gracefully.

Anyway…where was I…oh yeah. I ended up getting 2 pair of glasses, one for reading and one for everything else. After crunching numbers and stuff,because I have a HORRIBLY COMPLICATED prescription…(see previous post)and glasses are crazy thick for me, it came out better to buy 2 pair instead of one pair of bifocals. AND (ugh) mine are so thick I couldn’t get the sleek and stylish frameless kind because the lenses are too thick for the hardware to screw in. Bah. So, to make up for the sting of having to buy half-frames instead of frameless, AND the kind with the clip on sunglasses wouldn’t work because, again, the lenses are too thick and the clip ons wouldn’t clip on right, I got me some Transitions.

I figured this: The cost of the readers plus the regulars with fancy pants new fangled ultra thin(ish) Transition lenses is STILL less than a regular pair of bifocals,so I saved money! Yes! And I get the whole sunglasses effect with the Transitions, which is what I wanted anyway. Yay!

AND…no fooling with bifocals. Terry got bifocals a bit ago, and has difficulty with peripheral vision and I have enough trouble knowing where my legs end without that kind of handicap.

I couldn’t find round Ozzy glasses. I did look.


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One Response to After the appointment

  1. Elizabeth says:

    One pair for reading

    One pair for keeping in my purse so I can read price tags

    One pair on “office glasses” for the computer and kitchen work … mid and reading bifocal

    One pair for distance so I can drive and watch movies.

    That makes 4.

    The pair I keep in my purse are an older reading pair. I got awfully tired of asking strangers to read expiry dates for me so keeping them in my purse means I never leave home without them.

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